The top 10 gaming videos watched by YouTube users in the last week see trailers for the newly announced game Marvel vs Capcom 3 equal the number of Modern Warfare 2 videos.

Top 10 YouTube gaming videos on Wednesday April 28 at 11:00 UTC:

1) Worlds Fastest LEGIT Nuke 33.3 Seconds - 467,900 total views
Following a video that purported to show a player achieving the deployment of a tactical nuke missile in Modern Warfare 2 in blistering timespan, and which was soon widely established as a rigged attempt, this video claims to be a more genuine attainment and the player admits he was lucky to manage it.

2) Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Teaser - Captivate '10 - 405,114 total views
Shown at Capcom's Hawaiian press event, the Marvel vs Capcom 3 teaser trailer shows favorites from Marvel's graphic novels and Capcom's video games: Ryu (Street Fighter series), Wolverine, Iron Man, Morrigan (Darkstalkers series), The Incredible Hulk, and Chris Redfield (Resident Evil, particularly RE5).

3) Official Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Trailer - 425,890 total views
The same announcement trailer for Marvel vs Capcom 3, this time hosted by Capcom's official YouTube channel CapcomUnityVideos and available to view in high definition.

4) Halo: Reach Carnàge Carnivàle - 465,907 total views
The development team behind the hugely successful Halo series talk up the open beta for new game Halo: Reach, available to owners of Halo 3: ODST from May 3. They explain why the beta test is important for them and enthuse about new tricks and tweaks in the upcoming title.

5) L4D2: Left 4 Dead 2 - The Passing - 302,405 total views
A promo video for Left 4 Dead 2's expansion, The Passing, in which Rochelle, a character from Left 4 Dead 2, shoots the breeze with Francis from the first Left 4 Dead game. In "The Passing," L4D2's four survivors of the zombie apocalyse meet up with three from L4D, learning what happened to the original's fourth player-character, Bill.

6) Camp Hutch: Fake Nuke Shenanigans - 265,410 total views
Hutch from the Machinima Respawn channel teams up with Modern Warfare 2 player GUN1T123 to discuss recent controversy surrounding GUN1T's recent gameplay footage. From the horse's mouth, the videos were confirmed as faked.

7) Modern Warfare 2: Naughty Boy MW2 Montage by Tejb - 314,209 total views
One of the more popular Machinima Channel video uploaders, Tejb, presents his first montage of Modern Warfare 2 gameplay.

8) Marvel vs Capcom 3 Teaser - 188,522 total views
Another copy of the Marvel vs Capcom 3 trailer video.

9) Marvel vs. Capcom 3 trailer - 179,556 total views
The fourth copy of the very same Marvel vs. Capcom 3 trailer.

10) Modern Warfare 2: OnlyUseMeBlade's Superfastmode - 198,141 total views
Knife specialist OnlyUseMeBlade fast-forwards through a couple of rounds of Modern Warfare 2 showing some tactics for the game's Search & Destroy mode.