Top 10 YouTube gaming videos of the week: Modern Warfare 2's secret old lady

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A hidden surprise in the best-selling game Modern Warfare 2 has only just been discovered - or so the uploaders of Secret Old Lady would have us believe. Super-skillful video editing sees a pinafore-wearing English housewife pop out of a war-torn shack, telling gamers to clear off and play somewhere else in YouTube's most watched gaming video for the week ending July 22.

Snappy post-production is once again prominent in the second placed video, 'Skydiving out my front door'. It links to a behind the scenes video explaining just how students at the University of Southern California made the magic happen.

Interest in the science-fiction strategy game StarCraft II shows no sign of abating ahead of its July 27 release, as three of the top ten videos are footage of matches played using pre-release builds.

Elsewhere, game developers Valve give away Alien Swarm for free, and walkthrough wizard Tasselfoot provides a step-by-step guide for popular browser game Crazy Craft.

1) Modern Warfare 2 secret old lady WTF!!! - 1,545,649 total views
2) Skydiving Out My Front Door- 428,484 total views
3) HD Starcraft 2 IdrA v Masq - 371,636 total views
4) Modern Warfare 2: OpTic Nation's Top 5 Kills - 311,398 total views
5) Duck Hunt Behind-the-Scenes - 472,736 total views
6) TheLittleOne vs WhiteRa - 289,413 total views
7) HD Starcraft 2 Dimaga v Painuser - 300,427 total views
8) Crazy Craft Walkthrough - Levels 1-13 - 298,533 total views
9) Alien Swarm - 281,861 total views
10) Bleep Bloop: Hotel Room - 246,785 total views