The top 10 gaming videos watched by YouTube users for the week ending Wednesday May 12 include the usual glut of Modern Warfare 2 videos, a skit on what fighting games would be like without the fighting, and Mr T laying the smack down on his latest World of Warcraft endorsement.

Top 10 YouTube gaming videos on Wednesday May 12 at 10:00 UTC
1) The Most Badass Russian Commentator Ever - 538,337 total views
The newest craze in Modern Warfare 2 gameplay commentaries are the spoof Russian perspectives coming from 'FPSRussia', purportedly a proud Russian gamer unimpressed by Modern warfare 2's obsession with Russia as a looming nuclear threat. Current speculation is that FPSRussia is the fairly well known video uploader FPSKyle.

2) Mediated Mortal Kombat - 302,596 total views
CollegeHumor show What would happen if the tightly-wound martial artists from Mortal Kombat tried to solve their differences more amicably.

3) Halo: Reach BetaBusters Episode 1 - 218,870 total views
The mythbusting experts at Defend The House explore a couple of rumors about Halo: Reach's gameplay. Includes tips on how to cause damage with an unexploded grenade, avoid injury after a jump or flight, throw plasma grenades further, perform assassinations mid-air, alter the direction of rockets with the focus rifle, and a surprising side-effect of the Armor Lock ability.

4) Modern Warfare 2: TNMs MW2 Top 5 Plays, Week #10 - 306,798 total views
Top Notch Multimedia pick their top five gameplay clips including the clever use of a claymore ground mine and a cheeky use of office equipment to ensure a winning streak.

5) video MARFIN - 184,355 total views
Misclassified in the video gaming section, this is footage of the fire inside an Athenian branch of the Marfin Bank, ignited after recent protests regarding Greece's financial situation.

6) Skate 3 Hands On!!! - 174,147 total views
Milynn of the popular YouTube channel LikeTotallyAwesome visited EA Sports' development studio in Vancouver, Canada, and filmed some of the hands-on experiences and behind-the-scenes insights she gained from the preview.

7) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - 26-1 Knife Only - 172,588 total views
Presented by OnlyUseMeBlade for the Machinima channel, taking viewers through one of his gameplay videos, chatting about staying off the radar and playing Domination mode the right way.

8) World of Warcraft: Mr. T Commercial - Hoax - 170,750 total views
Mr T, icon of 1980s TV and made famous by his appearances in The A-Team, continues his endorsement of genre-defining online adventure game World of Warcraft and denies that his Night Elf Mohawk character is a hoax (like the 1969 moon landing, or the folklore jackalope animal).

9) Modern Warfare 2: SeaNanners' 17-0 S&D on Derail - 160,970 total views
Machinima presenter SeaNanners makes the most of playing Modern Warfare 2's Search & Destroy mode when he'd meant to choose a game of Team Deathmatch instead. Topics covered include the importance of a decent net connection, having fun, and some other games on the horizon for folk that are tiring of MW2 (Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, Halo: Reach).

10) Modern Warfare 2: Tejb's Premier Director Talk - 190,597 total views
Another of Machinima's Modern Warfare 2 video uploaders, Tejb, reviews his own gaming history with regard to playing on Xbox 360, Modern Warfare 2, and starting to put up his own gameplay videos in order to gain the 130,000 subscribers he has today.