Top 10 YouTube gaming videos of the week: Sonic the Hedgehog serves tables

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The top 10 gaming videos watched by YouTube users in the last week include a spoof parodying the opposing fortunes of video game characters and plenty of Modern Warfare 2 content, including one British TV presenter who challenges a real ex-forces sniper to a run of the game's timed markmanship level.

Top 10 YouTube gaming videos on Wednesday, March 31 at 3:30pm BST

1) Sonic and Mario's Awkward Reunion - 409,240 total views
Mario takes Princess Peach and two of the mushroom-capped Toad characters out to Chico's fast food diner. Sonic the Hedgehog discovers the humiliation of serving his old video gaming pal who's enjoying the high life while he waits tables. Though it's a recent post on the CollegeHumor channel, the skit must be a few years old as there's no mention of the best-selling Mario & Sonic Olympic Games collaborations.

2) Jason Bradbury - Modern Warfare 2 challenge - 398,485 total views
Jason Bradbury, a presenter on the British TV series The Gadget Show, challenges Sid, an ex-special forces operative, to Modern Warfare 2's timed training level called The Pit. The level's layout, obstacles, and targets are recreated to scale for Sid to run through with a live firearm, while Jason holes up in a tent with a 50-inch screen and an Xbox 360 to see who can get through it the fastest.

3) Modern Warfare 2 - The Stimulus Package DLC - 401,065 total views
The developers of Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward, posted this official trailer for the multiplayer expansion pack a week before it was made available for online purchase on Tuesday, March 30. The bundle includes five multiplayer maps, three new and two brought over from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

4) FarmVille Podcast - Mar 22nd. - 277,019 total views
FarmVille's weekly official podcast is a regular on the YouTube gaming top tens, and with a regular player base of 85 million users prone to browsing social content sites such as Facebook and YouTube it's no surprise. Detailed in this episode are some new limited edition animals (the Invisible Cat, Long Eared Rabbit, and Caterpillar), more on the French Chateau theme, and the answers to some community questions.

5) Jace Hall - I Play W.O.W Music Video - 398,023 total views
Jace Hall is the muscley Senior VP of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and has been building something of a following with The Jace Hall Show, which is now being carried by IGN, one of the biggest gaming and entertainment websites. This is a humorous music video extolling the virtues (or folly) of playing World of Warcraft in preference to spending time with family, engaging in sporting activity, or anything that has no connection with the online game.

6) MW2 Stimulus Map Pack Preview - 227,648 total views
This video, cribbed from Microsoft's Inside Xbox show, is a voiceover commentary from Ryan Treit (Inside Xbox) and Christian Novembrino (MSN) who talk about the three new maps in the five-map Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package. 'Bailout' is said to offer close combat indoors and long distance skirmishes outside. The snow-covered 'Salvage' is a tightly focussed, ground-level affair. 'Storm' has long lines of sight for snipers to pick off players who are in too much of a rush.

7) Just Cause 2 - Hatch From Lost - 238,028 total views
With footage taken from the PC version of new game Just Cause 2, a player shows what happens when approaching one particular island by airplane: a meticulously crafted secret homage to TV series LOST. The blue skies turn gray and stormy and the plane bursts into flames, forcing the player to bail out. On a beach below is the wreckage of another plane with a message etched into the sand by its side. Deep in the jungle, a mysterious metallic hatch protrudes from the ground.

8) Modern Warfare 2: The Control Room - Ep. 2 - 231,961 total views
Machinima Respawn presenter SeaNanners runs through some general tips that have helped him run the gamut of MW2 online matches on Xbox 360: enhancing screen brightness, disabling control pad vibration, using the tactical button layout option, control stick sensitivity, and seating position.

9) Modern Warfare 2: Watch This! Gaming - 257,219 total views
More from the Machinima Respawn channel, this time as partner site Watch This! Gaming runs down their latest list of top 5 plays. Focussing as it does on Modern Warfare 2, expect killstreaks aplenty and some great displays of skill as five different players show what they've got in both team and free-for-all game modes.

10) Myth Madness: 6 of 21 - 168,932 total views
Though DefendTheHouse's Myth Madness three-week series on various pieces of Modern Warfare 2 heresay has nearly reached its conclusion, it's this 35-second video from day six that's been the most popular. This video investigates whether it's possible to destroy one of the game's B-2 stealth bombers using an EMP device.