Top 10 YouTube gaming videos of the week: the "Vice President of Realistic Movements"

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The top 10 gaming videos watched by YouTube users in the last week include the latest of PlayStation's crafty commercials starring the most versatile corporate vice president on the face of the planet, Battlefield Bad Company 2 demonstrates correct grenade-throwing technique, and Swedish gamer Tejb offers commentary on some more of his Modern Warfare 2 videos.

Top 10 YouTube gaming videos on Wednesday March 24 at 5:00pm GMT

1) Kevin Butler "Moves" from the FUTURE - 754,616 total views
Sony's fictional multi-talented VP, Kevin Butler (as played by comedy actor Jerry Lambert) is here the VP of Realistic Movements, travelling back in time from the future to recap how successful the PlayStation Move motion controllers have been. Highlights include thinly veiled references to Wii Sports' boxing mini-game and Microsoft's own motion controller demo at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

2) Battlefield Bad Company 2 PSA - 440,829 total views
Electronic Arts both publicize Bad Company 2 and parody rival publisher Activision's Modern Warfare 2 spot. Activision had baseball pitcher Cole Hamels of the Philadelphia Phillies front a fake public service announcement in a commercial that was considered by many to be in bad taste. Here, CC Sabathia of the New York Yankees is teased by in-game character Pvt. Sweetwater, but has the last laugh by commandeering an attack helicopter.

3) Modern Warfare 2: Tejb's Flawless with the - 270,888 total views
Swedish Modern Warfare 2 player Tejb helps his team to a win with a 30-0 end of round score, chatting through this gameplay video and discussing tactical decisions and the problems of staying alive so long that ammunition stocks run out, and playing with cold hands during a Scandinavian winter.

4) Lil'XT Companion Pet - 250,773 total views
A quick preview of a new companion pet to be made available to World of Warcraft players. A miniature version of one of the game's bosses, the XT Deconstructor clockwork giant, the camera pans around as it mimics the boss version, throwing a temper tantrum and falling asleep.

5) Modern Warfare 2: Tejb's The Art of Pissing People Off - 236,129 total views
Who's Tejb? In his own words, he's Swedish, he's awesome, and he likes drinking coffee. Here, he talks about how using a particular combination of weapons and attributes seems to really annoy some other players: the FN Herstal F2000 is only available to advanced players and difficult to use at anything other than close range, and grenade launcher attachments are almost universally despised due to their popularity with new players.

6) Angry Video Game Nerd: Battletoads - 215,303 total views
James the angry video game nerd rages on Battletoads, one of the better and more memorable NES games due to its varied single-player mode which became utterly frustrating when experienced by two players attempting to play co-operatively. For this episode, James reluctantly accepts theme song composer Kyle onto the show.

7) God of War III 'Playthrough PART 46 FINAL + ENDING' - 252,985 total views
Scenes from the final minutes of the PlayStation 3's new game and the conclusion to the current story arc in the bombastic and bloodthirsty God of War III. Anti-hero Kratos conquers Mount Olympus and faces off against the mighty Zeus before confronting Athena. His thirst for vengance ends with the discovery of hope and an insinuation that the series will continue. God of Hope, perhaps?

8) Camp Hutch Frag Cup Preview: Hollywood Angels vs EnvyUs - 196,565 total views
Hutch from Machinima Respawn joins the Hollywood Angels team for a practice match of Modern Warfare 2 as part of the lead-up to the Frag Cup competition. Having played together since the first Modern Warfare game circa 2007, Hollywood Angels discuss the difficulty of playing against a well-organized team, the importance of concise and timely communication between players.

9) Mega64: The Beatles Rock Band - 202,496 total views
Comedy troupe Mega64 riff on the popular music video game The Beatles Rock Band, as three of them take the Fab Four's songs to the streets of San Francisco, bellowing out the lyrics to a bemused public and miming along with a guitar-shaped game controller. Outside the Moscone Convention Center, location of the recent and annual Game Developers Conference, they bump into Gabe Newell, revered MD of Valve (the Half-Life, Team Fortress, and Left 4 Dead games, and the Steam PC store and gaming network). He agrees to take on the role of Ringo Starr.

10) Adept vs Heroic: The Lich King Part 2/2 - 195,082 total views
A group of World of Warcraft players calling themselves The Adept Guild take on and beat one of the game's tougher bosses, The Lich King, on the Heroic difficulty setting. According to Adept, this successfull attempt was a first in the USA and the fourth worldwide. The video was previously uploaded but this time includes the players' voice chat during the battle.