Top 20 most popular gadgets for 2010

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Consumer electronics website gdgt (pronounced "gadget") has put together its list of the most popular gadgets for 2010.

The most popular product on the social networking site, which lets consumers post reviews, rate and share the gadgets they have or want, is Apple's iPad.

The iPhone 4 and Google's Nexus One smartphone are also found at the top of the list along with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 Slim.

"We calculated the list by looking at each gadget's number of Wants and Haves, and then factoring in its level of activity (i.e. number of questions, comments, reviews, page views, etc.)" says the site in a December 16 newsletter announcing the top gadgets for the year.  

According to the site, 4,342 gdgt users currently own Apple's iPad while another 8885 users want it. The device's average rating on the site is 4.5.

iPhone 4 is owned by 3,544 gdgt users, wanted by 2821 users and has an average rating of 4.5.

The iPhone 3G is the most-owned Apple product on the site with 17,780 people saying they own one.

1,458 people say they have the HTC Google Nexus One Android smartphone, the first non-Apple device on the top 20 list. A further 2,753 say the would like to own the device which has a gdgt rating of 4.5.

Top 20 gadgets of 2010:

  1. Apple iPad
  2. Apple iPhone 4
  3. HTC Google Nexus One
  4. Microsoft Xbox 360
  5. Sony PlayStation 3 Slim
  6. Boxee Box by D-Link
  7. Apple iPhone 3GS
  8. HTC EVO 4G
  9. Sonos ZonePlayer S5
  10. Apple TV 2nd-gen
  11. Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch unibody
  12. HP Envy 17 3D
  13. Motorola DROID
  14. Microsoft Kinect
  15. Amazon Kindle 3
  16. Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  17. Fitbit
  18. HTC DROID Incredible
  19. Samsung Galaxy Tab
  20. Apple iMac Intel 3rd-gen 27-inch