A look at the best new travel applications in the Chrome Web Store.

Hipmunk helps you to find the cheapest and best flights for your travel, fast. The web app uses a specialised algorithm to find flights that are not only inexpensive, but also take into account the flight duration and number of connections.
Price: free

Mapnificent maps out the time it takes to travel from one destination to another using public transport. You can use it to see which areas of the city are the best to live in if you want to get to your workplace in less than 30 minutes, see how long it would take you to travel from your home to other areas of the city or even use it to find a conveniently-located coffee shop that both you and your friend can make it to in less than 15 minutes.
Price: free

TripTrace is a comprehensive trip planner that helps you to collect and organize information about the places you have been or those you are hoping to travel to. Users can create their own travel journals and pinup-boards with collections of photos, maps, events, activities, check-ins, bookmarks and a personal trip address book.  
Price: free

Expedia Hotel View
Expedia Hotel View is a new way to search for hotels on your next trip. The app fuses Google Streetview with Expedia's hotel search engine, helping you search for your next hotel room by location, landmark and/or exterior hotel design.  
Price: free

Delta Embark
Delta Embark is an interactive travel guide that helps you pinpoint "must-see" destinations, the best shopping hubs, fun nightlife activities and delicious places to eat for your next trip. The app provides travel information for hundreds of destinations and helps you to find your perfect holiday spot based on your travel time and climate preferences.
Price: free