Glow-in-the-dark controllers from Tron and a Mickey Mouse paintbrush for the Nintendo Wii? It can only mean that Disney has come up with some new ideas for console owners.

Made in conjunction with an accessories company called Performance Designed Products, the four new controllers also tie in with Disney games that are both due out on November 1.

There are Tron control pads for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as well as a Tron remote for the Wii, all of which sport blue light strips, the distinctive Tron: Evolution font, and textured grips in just the right places.

The Epic Mickey video game puts Mickey Mouse back on center stage after sharing the limelight with other characters from both Disney cartoons and Final Fantasy games in the Kingdom Hearts Series.

Initially proposed as a cross-platform title, director Warren Spector chose to develop the title solely for the Wii in order to make the most of its motion controls.

The presence of Spector, famed for his work on System Shock and Deus Ex, meant that the game was just as likely to appeal to dyed-in-the-wool video game enthusiasts as well as a wider family audience.

Epic Mickey's gadget is a replacement for the Wii's nunchuck attachment, having the same control stick and trigger buttons, but is in the shape of a paintbrush and has a foam tip for safety, should there be any over-enthusiastic brushstrokes.

It comes with a Wii Remote charging stand in the shape of the Phantom Blot that Mickey must defeat in order to save the Cartoon Wasteland.

PDP had most recently made an AfterGLOW range of controllers that foreshadowed the effect used on their Tron counterparts, while other manufacturers such as Hori, Nyko and MadCatz are also well known for their range of robust video game controllers and accessories.