TVs and solar cells that roll up like newspapers? A possibility according to scientists

A team of scientists from CSIRO (Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization), the University of Melbourne and the University of Padua in Italy is in the process of developing technology which could one day lead to TVs being rolled up like newspapers.

The scientists are developing a 'printable laser' technology which could impose nano-particles onto wafer-thin panels which could then eventually be developed into TVs or even mobile phones. The scientists also believe that 'printable technology' could be used to develop paper-thin solar panels.

In an interview on the CSIRO website, researcher Dr. Jacek Jasieniak claimed that the technology to produce these kinds of object could be available within the next ten years, however it would take a little longer before the technology could actually put it to practical use.

Recently scientists from Cambridge University in England and the Carbon Trust began developing organic solar technology on flexible transparent material which could, in the future, be simply rolled out and fitted to surfaces such as windows.