Twitter index: British photographer Tim Hetherington killed, Adolf Hitler cat

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Whiskey brand Jack Daniels is promoting a sweeter version of its flagship alcohol on the morning of April 21 with the first place hashtag "#JackDanielsHoney."

Second, third and fourth places on Twitter's most talked about topics are taken by the hashtags "#youknowurboredwhen," "#nicknamespeoplehaveforme" and "#uknowurhigh."

Twitterers are spreading news of the death of British Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker and photographer "Tim Hetherington."

"[A] friend and great photographer Tim Hetherington has been killed in Libya. The news is gutting. He was such a wonderful guy," tweeted fellow journalist and CNN news presenter Anderson Cooper (@andersoncooper).

"Adolf Hitler" is in the charts for a second day running as microbloggers tweet, "He killed approx 11 million people, to include 6 million Jews. If anyone should have their birthday forgotten, it's Adolf Hitler" and "You can bet Adolf Hitler is having one HELL of a birthday." 

Twitter users are also using the sixth place term to share a picture of Hitler and a black and white cat that resembles him.

"Madrid Campeon," Spanish for "Madrid Champion," is trending in eighth place after Spanish football team Real Madrid beat Barcelona to win Spain's "most treasured football trophy," the King's Cup.

"Obedience" is in seventh place, "Skynet," an intelligent computer network from the Terminator series, moves down two places to number nine, and Nickelodeon cartoon " Rugrats" is in tenth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 21 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #JackDanielsHoney (promoted)
  2. #youknowurboredwhen (new)
  3. #nicknamespeoplehaveforme (new)
  4. #uknowurhigh (new)
  5. Tim Hetherington (new)
  6. Adolf Hitler (+4)
  7. Obedience (new)
  9. Skynet (-2)
  10. Rugrats (new)