Twitter users report that politicians in the Philippines have proposed an “Anti-Planking Act” to stop people from planking (an act that involves being photographed lying face down in an unusual location).

Twitterers point out that “World hunger and poverty has yet to be fixed and ya'll are worried about PLANKING,” “Oh well, planking is a dumb thing to do, but creating a bill against it... waste of time and taxpayers money,” and “Philippines is signing a bill known as The Anti-Planking Act of2011 as it is apparently a form of protesting...”  

Microbloggers are celebrating the release of American actress and singer Demi Lovato’s third studio album, Unbroken, wishing each other “Happy Unbroken Day.”

At the top of Twitter’s trending topics is the promoted term “NFLMobile.” “No te ama” (Spanish for “doesn't love you”) moves down the chart one place and the name of American TV series “ Broke Girls” is in eighth place.

The name of Jackass star “Ryan Dunn,” who died earlier this year, is trending in ninth place and the American TV series “ The Playboy Club” is trending in tenth place after the first episode aired on September 19 in the US.   

The top hashtags in Twitter’s most talked about topics list are “#terriblenamesforavagina,” “#YouShouldBeEmbarrassed” and “#sanduichedebuceta.”

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on September 20 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. NFLMobile (promoted)
  2. #terriblenamesforavagina (new)
  3. #YouShouldBeEmbarrassed (new)
  4. #sanduichedebuceta (new)
  6. NO TE AMA (-1)
  7. Anti-Planking Act of 2011 (new)
  8. Broke Girls (new)
  9. Ryan Dunn (new)
  10. The Playboy Club (new)