Twitter index: Gregor Mendel Google doodle sparks conversations about GM food

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A Google doodle in honor of what would have been the 189th birthday of Austrian scientist and "father of genetics" Gregor Mendel is generating debate about today's genetically modified foods.

"For all those [who] complain about genetically modified foods - Gregor Mendel was making GMF back in 1856! Happy birthday, dead guy," tweet a chorus of microbloggers.

Rapper and actor Bow Wow is infuriated with Twitter users who have been making up false statements on his behalf.

He angrily posted, "since mafukas wanna be pussy's and fake tweet fake statements how bout i just shut down my twitter. You can thank the dumb fucks for it!"

Bow Wow's angry tweet, combined with the fake tweets circling the microblogs, have inspired many of today's top trends, including "#rappersturnedactorsbetterthanbowwow," "#blackpeoplehobbies" and "#bowwowactinlike."

Two films staring the rapper, "Roll Bounce" and "Lottery Ticket," are in Twitter's top topics on July 20 along with the name of fellow rapper "Lil Romeo."

News of a new film based on the popular animated environmentalist TV series Captain Planet and the Planeteers is exciting Tweeps. The animated TV show " Phineas & Ferb" continues to generate chatter on the social network, too.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on July 20 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #TabCoTakesNewYork (promoted)
  2. #rappersturnedactorsbetterthanbowwow (new)
  3. #blackpeoplehobbies (new)
  4. #bowwowactinlike (new)
  5. Phineas & Ferb (re-entry)
  6. Gregor Mendel (new)
  7. Roll Bounce (new)
  8. Captain Planet (new)
  9. Lottery Ticket (new)
  10. Lil Romeo (new)