Twitter index: Justin Bieber claims to be look-alike named Derek, new Taylor Swift song

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Justin Bieber fans are going crazy over the “Derek Bieber” meme as they joke around and try to confuse their Twitter followers about the meaning of the trend.

The trend erupted after fans laid eyes on a video of Justin Bieber claiming, “I’m famous? I’m a celebrity? I didn't even realize. My name is Derek,” as he is followed around the streets by an intrusive camera crew.

“I’m just a look-alike. I don’t know why you guys are following me around with cameras,” says Justin in the video.  

The name of a new song by pop singer Taylor Swift features in Twitter’s top topics in ninth place. Swift (@taylorswift13) tweeted “The 'Sparks Fly' music video debuts today at 4:30 CDT on I hope you like it!” to her millions of adoring followers.

“WMYB” (short for “What Makes You Beautiful”), a new song by British boy band One Direction, is also trending.

The hashtags “#BestThingYouNeverHeardof,” “#IfIWereU,” “#wtfwasyouthinking” and “#ScaryMovieRulesToLiveBy” fill the top of Twitter’s most talked about topics chart on the morning of August 11.

The newly launched Facebook Messenger application is a topic of hot conversation in the microblogs for the second day running.

“Barbara Moncada” is in eighth place and American late night TV show “ Lopez Tonight” is trending in tenth place after American network TBS revealed the show would be canceled.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on August 11 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #BestThingYouNeverHeardof (promoted)
  2. #IfIWereU (new)
  3. #wtfwasyouthinking (new)
  4. #ScaryMovieRulesToLiveBy (-2)
  5. Derek Bieber (new)
  6. WMYB (new)
  7. Facebook Messenger (-2)
  8. Barbara Moncada (new)
  9. Sparks Fly (new)
  10. Lopez Tonight (new)