Twitter users are listing the things that get on their nerves and the things they are tired of on the morning of August 3.

Twitter's popular gripes are: "when people complain about every little thing," "People who are all cheery in the morning," "People who claim ta b real friends but u only hear from them wen u need something" and "People who ask dumb questions." 

Canadian singer Justin Bieber has been busy giving his friend Ryan Butler a haircut in the "Bieber Barber Shop." Bieber's "fresh trim. swag" tweets started a chorus of excited young girls and boys all trying to book themselves in for a haircut with the singer.

Harry Potter fans are trying to solve the Magical Quill quest to complete early registration for the Pottermore site. Only one million users will gain early access to Pottermore before it opens to the public in October so competition is fierce.   

The hashtags "#ReinventTheWheel" and "#undateable" top Twitter's most talked about topics list and American sitcom " Living Single" takes sixth place on the chart.

The names of American rappers "Chingy" and "Lil Kim" are in seventh and eighth positions and "Stewie" Griffin, the name of a character from the animated TV series Family Guy, is back in the list at number ten.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on August 3 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #ReinventTheWheel (promoted)
  2. #undateable (new)
  3. #getsonmynerves (new)
  4. #arentyoutiredof (new)
  5. Bieber Barber Shop (new)
  6. Living Single (new)
  7. Chingy (new)
  8. Lil Kim (new)
  9. Pottermore (new)
  10. Stewie (re-entry)