Three hashtags top Twitter's most talked about topics on the morning of April 7: "#idontbelieveyou," "#gritosfamosos" and "#pbsextape."

Disney's "Minnie Mouse" and "Hamtaro," a hamster that stars in the Japanese anime of the same name, are seventh and ninth in Twitter’s most talked about topics.

"Minnie Mouse and Hamtaro are trending by now! They both were my childhood favourites and still... are my favourites!" tweet microbloggers reminiscing about the cartoon characters they grew up with.

"Tecun Uman," the legendary king who has come to be known as Guatemala's official hero, is in fourth place.

Foursquare users who have just unlocked the "SuperConnected" badge on the location-based social network are bragging about their accomplishment on Twitter.

The name of Indian social activist "Anna Hazare" is in fifth place, "Glen Coco," a character from the movie Mean Girls, is in sixth place and the name of American TV series " Extreme Couponing" is in tenth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 7 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #idontbelieveyou (new)
  2. #gritosfamosos (new)
  3. #pbsextape (new)
  4. Tecun Uman (new)
  5. Anna Hazare (new)
  6. Glen Coco (new)
  7. Minnie Mouse (new)
  8. SuperConnected (new)
  9. HAMTARO (new)
  10. Extreme Couponing (new)