Twitter index: Nick Carter performs on 'Lopez Tonight'

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Twitterers are watching Backstreet Boys lead vocalist "Nick Carter" perform his new solo single "Just One Kiss" on American talk show Lopez Tonight.

"#iwasthinkin" and "#askkingston" are new in first and third places, while "#idontbelieveyou" moves down one place to number two.

"Maldito Chavez" is in fifth place, "Street Kingdom," the name of a dance crew competing on America's Best Dance Crew, is in sixth place and the name of crime movie "American Gangster" is in seventh place.  

"Goodnight Twitter," say microbloggers to their followers as they switch off and head to bed.

A new single called "Taylor Gang" by American rapper Wiz Khalifa is spreading around Twitter, putting the term in ninth place.

"IPL," the abbreviation for the Indian Premier League, re-enters Twitter's most talked about topics in tenth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 8 at 6:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #iwasthinkin (new)
  2. #idontbelieveyou (-1)
  3. #askkingston (new)
  4. Nick Carter (new)
  5. Maldito Chavez (new)
  6. Street Kingdom (new)
  7. American Gangster (new)
  8. Goodnight Twitter (new)
  9. Taylor Gang (new)
  10. IPL (re-entry)