Twitter index: Obama celebrates his 50th birthday, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber song send Tweeps wild

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“Happy Birthday Mr. President” tweet hundreds of Twitterers wishing American President Barack Obama a very happy 50th birthday for August 4.

Barack Obama’s campaign staff tweeted that well-wishers could send their birthday messages to the President via an online birthday card. “Today is President Obama's 50th birthday. Sign his birthday card and share why you're a part of this campaign:” said a tweet on Barack Obama’s Twitter feed, @BarackObama.

Twitterers are excited to learn that American rapper Nicki Minaj will join the all-star cast of celebrities lending their voices to the fourth animated Ice Age movie, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift.

A new song by Chris Brown featuring Justin Bieber’s alter-ego “Shawty Mane” has sent Twitterers wild on the morning of August 5.

Bieber tweeted, “did a lil something on the upcoming @chrisbrown mixtape.. Ladies love me. then we got crazy on the @asherroth album. #shawtymane" before posting a link to the song, “ Ladies Love Me.”

Three new hashtags top Twitter’s most talked about topics while the American TV series “ Beyond Scared Straight” and “ Hell Date” appear in seventh and ninth places on the chart.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on August 5 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #WhenIWas13 (new)
  2. #thenihitthatdougie (new)
  3. #weoffthat (new)
  4. LADIES LOVE ME (new)
  5. Ice Age 4 (new)
  6. Happy Birthday Mr. President (new)
  7. Beyond Scared Straight (new)
  8. SHAWTY MANE (new)
  9. Hell Date (-2)
  10. Chris Brown's (new)