Twitter is bubbling away with pictures of people "planking" on the morning of June 28.

"#PLANKIN is the art of layin facedown in unusual public places & photgraphin it. The game is judged on creativity & difficulty," explain Twitterers to their slightly bemused followers.

"#TF3PremiereLive" is promoted in first place, "#ineedtostop" is unchanged in third place and "#waystoirritateme" moves down two places to number four.

Tweets by American singer Bruno Mars have instigated the "French kissing" and "Bon Jour Pari" trending topics on Twitter.

Mars is currently visiting Paris and tweets, "It was a joke.. get it? Working on my french? French kissing? Still no? Alright? Now this is awkward.."

The "Nigel Thornberry" internet meme continues its popularity on Twitter for the second day running. Internet users are remixing the animated character's distinctive "blaaaarrrrgh" noise with popular music and posting the results on YouTube (and Twitter).

The rest of Twitter's "Nigel Thornberry" posts relate to people asking why the father figure from the American animated TV series The Wild Thornberrys is trending.

American movie " Seventeen Again" is in seventh place, the name of Malaysian actress "Michelle Yeoh" is in eighth place after she was deported from Burma, and an earthquake near the "Fox Islands," Alaska, has "Fox Islands" in tenth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on June 28 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #TF3PremiereLive (promoted)
  2. #plankin (new)
  3. #ineedtostop (unchanged)
  4. #waystoirritateme (-2)
  6. Nigel Thornberry (-1)
  7. Seventeen Again (new)
  8. Michelle Yeoh (new)
  9. Bon Jour Pari (new)
  10. Fox Islands (new)