The microblogs are filling with the news that Sony has dropped the price of its PlayStation 3 gaming console on the morning of August 17.

“In case you missed it, PS3 is now $249: Spread the word! #PS3now249,” tweeted Sony from its official PlayStation Twitter account (@playstation).

An equally voracious bunch of Twitterers are using their 140 characters to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDONESIA” on the country’s 66th Independence Day.

“I hope on the future you will be a super power country in the world like USA ?(¬_ ¬?”),” “Let's spread the love and the sense of nationalism around us!” and “I love Indonesia , and im so proud to be Indonesian , and today is special day for Indonesia” post patriotic Tweeps.  

The hashtags “#LiesIveToldMyParents,” “#overthesummer” and “#OnlyRealJamaicans” fill second, third and fourth positions on Twitter’s most talked about topics list. American film “ The Sixth Man” is trending in sixth place on the chart.  

Twitterers are tweeting about how they ended up waking up drunk, thanking American pop group Big Time Rush for various reasons and wishing their followers goodnight.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on August 17 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #PS3now249 (promoted)
  2. #LiesIveToldMyParents (-1)
  3. #overthesummer (-1)
  4. #OnlyRealJamaicans (new)
  6. The Sixth Man (new)
  8. Wake Up Drunk (new)
  9. China ELF (new)
  10. Goodnight Twitter (-2)