British microbloggers are taking over Twitter with talk of the local elections.

While the votes are counted, Twitterers are using their accounts to share opinions about political parties, politicians and the UK's referendum on future voting systems.

"SNP are doing well in Scotland. A winning combination of Socialism & Nationalism. I fail to see how that could ever go wrong... #vote2011" remarked a Twitter user snidely.

"I'm hearing the Lib Dems have lost all seats being defended in Manchester," stated another.  

Fourth place term "#vote2011," ninth place term "Lib Dems" (short for Liberal Democrats) and tenth place term "SNP" (short for the "Scottish National Party") are trending as people provide a running tally of votes and commentary on the election.

The name of British politician "Paddy Ashdown" is also in seventh place.

"#AndroidUnlimited" is back at the top of the list, "#sotellmewhy" is unchanged in second place and "#mamasays" is new in third place.

The name of Turkish political activist "Deniz Gezmi?" is sixth on the list of most talked about topics on the anniversary of his death, and Smallville actor "Tom Welling" is in eighth place after appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on May 6 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #AndroidUnlimited (promoted)
  2. #sotellmewhy (unchanged)
  3. #mamasays (new)
  4. #vote2011 (new)
  6. Deniz Gezmi? (new)
  7. Paddy Ashdown (new)
  8. Tom Welling (new)
  9. Lib Dems (new)
  10. SNP (new)