Video game releases: 'Michael Jackson: The Experience' to elude 'Mortal Kombat'

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Not much in the way of competition for Michael Jackson: The Experience, save for Lego Ninjago and Patapon 3 on DS and PSP respectively. Mortal Kombat steps into the ring the following week, along with Portal 2 and SOCOM 4.

Michael Jackson: The Experience (360 Kinect, PS3 Move)
Also available on Wii, DS, and PSP
North America: April 12, Everyone 10+, $49
Europe: April 14, 3+, €49
UK: April 15, 3+, £39

The Just Dance formula as applied to Michael Jackson's back catalogue and the Xbox/PlayStation motion tracking gadgets, Kinect and Move. Over 25 songs on disc include "Thriller," "Beat It," and "Black or White."

Patapon 3 (PSP)
North America: April 12, Everyone, $19
Europe: April 13, 3+, €29
UK: April 15, 3+, £29
Japan: April 28, A (all), ¥4,980

Familiar drumbeats return in a third entry to the PSP's well-loved rhythm game series. A single player campaign filled with tribe-rescuing uberheroes is accompanied by online multiplayer for up to eight.

Lego Ninjago (DS)
North America: April 12, Everyone, $29
Europe: April 14, 7+, €29
UK: April 15, PG, £25

Not content with appearances in the online Lego Universe, Lego's spinning-top ninjas get their very own DS game. There are separate single-player campaigns for heroes and villains as well as multiplayer challenges.

Mortal Kombat (360 PS3)
North America: April 19, Mature, $59 / $99 KE / $149 TE
Europe: April 21, 18+, €69 / €89 KE / €149 UE
UK: April 21, 18+, £45 / £69 KE
Australia: Banned

Back and more brutal than before, Mortal Kombat's back with a vengeance and boasting original creator Ed Boon. The Kollector's Edition includes a statue, art book, and extra content codes; the Tournament Edition (aka Ultimate Edition) is contained within a working arcade controller.

Portal 2 (360 Mac PC PS3)
North America: April 19, E10+, $49-$59
Europe: April 21, 12+, €49-€69 / £35-£49
Japan: April 19, A (all), ¥6,090-¥7,140

Expectations ride high for Portal 2's mind-bending puzzles and clever humor. Made by the company behind Left 4 Dead and Half-Life 2, the PS3 version includes a download code for the full PC game; PC, Mac and PS3 owners will be able to play together.

SOCOM 4 aka SOCOM: Special Forces (PS3)
North America: April 19, Mature, $59
Europe: April 20, 16+, €69
UK: April 22, 16+, £49
Japan: April 21, ¥5,980

Zipper Interactive applies lessons learned from the 256-player MAG to the 32-player squad-based online multiplayer for this, its seventh game in the Navy Seals action series. The open beta, downloadable from the PlayStation Store, runs until April 19.

Tales of Monkey Island (PC)
Europe: April 21, €39 (Premium), €45 (Collectors Ed.)
UK: April 8, 12+, £29 (Premium) £49 (Collectors Ed.)

Guybrush Threepwood returns in a bid to outwit pirate nemesis LeChuck. Tales' five episodes have been available as digital downloads since 2009 - these special editions present them on disc with bonus items such as the CE's drinks coaster, map, and coin.