Video game releases: 'Xenoblade Chronicles,' 'Cubixx HD'

The highly praised Xenoblade Chronicles arrives on Wii in Europe this August 16, though North American fans are still awaiting news of a local release. Cubixx HD makes its entrance as a PS3 download.

Cubixx HD (PS3 via download)
North America: August 16, $9.99
Europe: August 17, rated 3+, €7.99 / £6.29

Cut a lighting fast, laser-guided swathe around six sides' worth of enemy eradication and territorial expansion. Cubixx HD updates arcade classics Qix and Volified with high definition graphics, online multiplayer (co-op and versus), and its own multi-surfaced twist.

Age of Empires Online (PC)
August 16, Everyone 10+ / 12+, free

World conquering is getting cheaper all the time, as Age of Empires prepares to tempt players away from Facebook games like Empires & Allies and Civ World. Pay up in order to unlock extra nations and boost progress, or simply play for free.

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise (PS3 + PS Move)
North America: August 16, Mature, $39
Europe: Available on PS3, 18+, €59 / £45
Japan: Released April (360 & PS3), D (17+), ¥5,800

An upgraded version of Wii cult hit No More Heroes, that game of exaggerated violence, irreverent humor, lightsabers (sorry, beam katanas), assassination leagues, and a thousand jabs at Grand Theft Auto and its clones.

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron (360 PS3)
North America: August 16, Teen, $59
Europe: September 8, 12+, £40
Japan: Released April, B (12+), ¥7,980

Mashing biblical characters and modern technology, Enoch dons designer jeans and angelic armor on a quest to quell a universal rebellion. Striking visuals, and great reviews of the Japanese version. North American release originally scheduled for July 26.

Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)
Europe: August 19, 12+, €50/£40
With red controller: €60/£50
Japan: Released 2010, B (12+), ¥6,800
North America: TBA

Considered the pinnacle of role-playing adventure on the Nintendo Wii, with engaging story, well-written characters, and an expansive world to explore. There's an absolutely immense amount of missions to complete, bosses to defeat, and allies to meet.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (360 PC PS3)
North America: August 23, M17+, $59-$69
Europe: August 26, 18+ / 15, €55-€59 / £45-£59
Japan: August 9, Z (18), ¥7,980

Glossy, futuristic cyberpunk prequel in which players choose between using combat, stealth, hacking and exploration abilities as they become immersed in global conspiracy. Early reviews give it 94% (PC Gamer), 8/10 (OPM), and 10/10 (OXM UK).