Wake Island now live in 'Battlefield Heroes'

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The Battlefield series's best-known location, Wake Island, has now become part of the free-to-play Battlefield Heroes.

Colorful characters give the level a look of its own, coupled with a few tweaks to give it a feel more suited to the Heroes game. Renamed Wicked Wake, it's a more compact version of the horseshoe-shaped layout with a higher ratio of available vehicles per player.

Pushing Battlefield Heroes, with its light-hearted cartoon feel, could help EA stay in step with developments over at Valve Software, which recently released Team Fortress 2 as a free-to-play game via its Steam Network.

Both games are class-based shooters with an emphasis on accessibility and teamwork, though Battlefield Heroes opts for a third-person view while TF2 retains a more familiar first-person perspective.