Nintendo of Europe is holding the 3DS's European press preview event on January 19, and everyone's invited - invited to watch it streamed via their website, that is.

The Amsterdam presentation, hosted by UK media personality Jonathan Ross, starts at 3pm CET (2pm GMT, 9am EST). Nintendo is to confirm the handheld console's European pricing, retail date, and range of games available both at launch and soon after.

The 3DS's big selling point is that one of its two screens can display images in widescreen stereoscopic 3D, without requiring viewers to wear special glasses.

It also has three cameras (two of which can work together to take 3D photos), it can update game data when it is in range of another 3DS or a wi-fi network, and it introduces an analog nub to complement the DS's traditional control pad and stylus combination.

The Japanese 3DS is set to debut on February 26, while Nintendo has indicated that the North American and European launch would be in March. The launch price is set for ¥25,000, which is around $299, €229 or £189.

Previous models in the Nintendo DS line-up have launched in North America at around $50 less than a strict currency conversion would demand, while the official European price has been near level with its Japanese equivalent. If the 3DS follows suit, launch prices of $249, €225 and £199 would not be surprising.

There is to be a 3DS preview event in New York on the same day as the Amsterdam conference, commencing an hour later at 10am EST (3pm GMT, 4pm CET).