Twitter users have already pointed out a number of minor gaffes in the video

Faked hoverboard vid claims to have cracked the secrets of anti-gravity

An impressively faked made-for-viral video has been doing the rounds on the internet, supposedly showing off a "real life" hoverboard in the style of Back to the Future II. Do you dare believe?

It’s not clear exactly what the video is promoting, but whoever is behind it had the budget to hire some big names including Christopher Lloyd (who played Doc Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy), skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and musician Moby.

Just to be absolutely clear: this video is definitely fake. Twitter users have already pointed out a number of minor goofs including a glimpse of a safety harness under Hawk’s t-shirt and the shadow of a crane rig that is presumably doing the heavy lifting.

Despite this it’s undeniably a slick promo, with a website to back it up claiming that the makers of the board, HUVr corp, are a motley crew of "materials science, electricity & magnetism experts who've solved an important part of one of science's mysteries: the key to antigravity".

It seems that comedy video site Funny or Die might be behind the video. The Verge pointed out that the technical team responsible (Spring Studio) also built Funny or Die’s new website, while Mashable claim they found a costume designer who worked on the video posting the experience on her online CV.

Although a hoverboard is still out of the question there have been whispers recently that Back to the Future-style self-lacing shoes are due to hit shelves in 2015. Baby steps, people, baby steps.