'We Dance' reveals fan-pleasing features

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We Dance, from the same developers who made the Nintendo Wii karaoke series We Sing, is to feature support for four players as part of its repertoire.

The game, expected in May, can track players using the Wii Remote, one of the new Star Mat accessories, or a combination of the two.

There are also warm-up sessions, Dance School tutorials, and a star rating for each of 40 tracks to indicate the level of challenge.

Those who are more competitive can analyze their performance statistics before heading for a high score.

We Dance is aiming to capitalize on the success of the Wii's popular Just Dance series, in the same way that Dance Central for the 360 and SingStar Dance on the PlayStation 3 have sought to do.

Ubisoft, creator of Just Dance and Just Dance 2, has already brought the series to PlayStation 3 with Dance on Broadway, with Michael Jackson: The Experience released for 360 and PS3 on April 12 in North America and April 14 in Europe.

Nordic Games is to reveal the We Dance tracklist in the coming weeks.

We Dance official website: wedancegame.com
We Dance on Facebook: facebook.com/wedancegame