Christmas and New Year specials aplenty in the most viewed gaming videos for the week ending January 5: Welcome to Minecraft's episodic exploration includes a surprise Christmas cloak, there's a five-person Defense of the Ancients commentary, and Gameology's French-language series joins the festive fun.

The Minecraft adventure takes a DIY rollercoaster turn into a creepy cavern, hurtling to top spot in YouTube's chart. It's followed by Black Ops Mythbusters, an eight-question exploration of rumored Call of Duty quirks, and a top-level StarCraft 2 match.

Haito's Defense of the Ancients tutorials and commentaries remain popular on China's Youku site, with special guest commentators in his Christmas & New Year special, and a seasonal Jacky machinima rounding out the top three.

There's no doubt as to the level of Monster Hunter fever gripping Japanese gamers as Nicovideo's top three consists purely of gameplay footage from December's release of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for PSP - tips, cheats, and conquests.

On France's Dailymotion, Gameology check out futuristic action game Vanquish, come up with their own augmented clothing, and get into the festive spirit with a seasonal selection. FOCUS come up with their top five new releases from the Paris Games Week including Hot Pursuit, Black Ops, and the movie-centric YooStar 2.

YouTube's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) Welcome to Minecraft - Episode 019 - 615,392 total views
2) Black Ops Mythbusters: Episode 3 - 401,338 total views
3) StarTaleBomber vs NEXON - StarCraft 2 - 332,358 total views

Youku's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) Esports Haito's Christmas Special - 800,487 total views
2) Jacky machinima Christmas Special - 895,669 total views
3) Haito's how to play DOTA - 655,732 total views

Nicovideo's most watched gaming videos of the week ( requires free registration)
1) Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Cheat - 460,483 total views
2) Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Science of Hunting - 384,052 total views
3) Monster Hunter Portable 3rd One Minute of Punishment - 307,528 total views

Dailymotion's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) GAMEOLOGY Séance 40 : Vanquish - 213,035 total views
2) GAMEOLOGY Séance 41: La sélection spéciale Noël! - 189,011 total views
3) FOCUS : Top 5 des Sorties Jeux-Video - 107,019 total views