High-tech product releases announced the week ending June 23 include the world's first dual-touchscreen tablet PC, an interactive musical instrument that lets users control sounds with laser beams, three phones designed for consumers that like to text, a smartphone that doubles as a micro netbook, and a heart rate monitor that syncs with your iPhone.

The world's first dual-touchscreen tablet PC
Libretto W100 is a dual 7.0-inch LCD tablet device produced by Japanese consumer electronics maker Toshiba. The Libretto W100 tablet runs the full version of Microsoft's Windows 7 and packs in a 1.2GHz Intel Pentium processor, two touch-sensitive 7.0 inch wide LED LCDs, 2GB of memory, a one megapixel webcam, and around 2 hours of battery life with a standard battery pack or 4 hours with a high-capacity battery pack. The tablet is set to be released in Japan in limited quantities towards the end of August. Toshiba is yet to confirm pricing information however Engadget reports the concept PC tablet will retail for around $1,099.

Interactive music instrument that uses laser beams to control sounds
The Beamz Player is a musical instrument made by interactive music products company Beamz Interactive that uses four or six laser beams to control sounds, music clips and vocals. The interactive device is played by breaking the laser beam with your hand, head, foot (or any other body part). The Beamz Player will go on sale on August 1 for $199.95.

A trio of phones designed to make texting as easy as possible
Samsung has added three new phones to its summer lineup - all of which are designed to make texting and typing a breeze. The Samsung Gravity 3, Samsung Gravity T and Samsung :) (Smiley) all come with full QWERTY keyboards and will ship with a friendly price tag. In addition to messaging, the phones provide web access, social networking features, and a camera for photos and video. The phones are available from T-Mobile stores in the USA. The Gravity 3 retails for approximately $49.99, the Gravity T will cost $74.99 and the :) will be priced at $19.99 (all on a two-year contract).

A smartphone-micro-netbook crossover
Sharp's Lynx SH-10B is a cool-looking device that transforms from a phone to a miniature laptop. It comes with a 5 inch (960x480) high resolution LCD touchscreen display, GPS, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, a trackball, weighs 230 grams, and runs on Android 1.6. It has forward (5.2MP + Full HD video) and backward facing cameras and is compatible with microSD and SDHC memory cards. The device is set to be released with NTTdocomo in Japan in July. No word on pricing or international release dates.

A heart rate monitor that syncs with your iPhone, iPod
Nike and heart rate monitor brand Polar have collaborated to create the Polar WearLink+ - a heart monitor that is worn around your chest. The Wearlink+ transmits real-time information about your heart rate to your iPhone or iPod during your run, helps you train to your maximum potential and works hand in hand with the Nike+ system to provide spoken feedback about your BPM and training goals during the workout. The WearLink+ will be available in late June for $69.99.