Weekly international iPad apps: Battleship, Fnacbook, Recipe Box

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The top free iPad applications by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on December 06.  

1. USA
Battleship for iPad (games)

The classic game of Battleship gets a modern twist with this game for the iPad. Users play against the computer, taking it in turns to register a hit on the opponent's battleships, which occupy a number of either vertical or horizontal squares on a grid.

2. UK
Friendly for Facebook
(social networking)
This app allows access to the social networking site from the iPad. Friendly for Facebook allows users to engage with the social networking site through a variety of mediums, including Facebook chat.

3. France
Fnacbook (books)
Users of this app can browse, search for or buy around 80,000 e-books from French consumer electronics store Fnac. By declaring their literary interests users of this app can also receive personalized shopping suggestions.

4. Canada
Recipe Box (lifestyle)
Created by one of the largest food retailers in Canada, President's Choice, this app contains over 700 recipes complete with photographs, step by step cooking guidelines and nutritional information.

5. Japan
Bookwalker (books)
This app is an integrated e-book reader from Japanese publisher the Kadokawa Group and is designed to be used with its official e-book store. The group focuses on graphic novels and manga in particular but also publishes works in other literary mediums.

6. Australia
ABC iView (entertainment)
The ABC iView app allows users to watch television programs from the ABC network as well as broadcasts specially designed for iView. Users receive notifications when the next episode of their favorite TV series is available to watch.

7. Germany
Gaze HD (entertainment)
This app brings the illusion of warmth with two scenes of roaring fires and one of a glowing candle. Each scene is accompanied by a different relaxing soundtrack. Five scene upgrades are also available.

8. China
Saving Seeds (games)
Players of this puzzle game have to guide seeds into a flower pot by drawing lines using only a limited amount of ink and negotiating a number of different obstacles.

9. Italy
NanoPress per iPad (news)
This app brings news from across Italy and around the world to the iPad. Users can choose the location of their news, sort the news by theme or choose to receive news updates only from their preferred source.

10. Korea
??? ?? ?? HD (utilities)
Loosely translated into English as "Free applications for today," this app provides users with real time updates of the latest free applications available in the iTunes store. The app also combines Twitter referrals so that users can quickly identify the most popular applications.

*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iOS devices have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's April 2010 estimate of the worldwide iOS User Distribution.