Weekly international iPad apps: Chop Chop Tennis HD, Flipboard

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The top free iPad application by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on August 2.

1. US
Tesla Wars HD (games)

Tesla Wars HD is a tower defense arcade game where players fight waves of faceless enemies to protect their military post. Tapping on members of the attacking enemy will obliterate them with a lightning ray. More sophisticated, large-scale attacks can also be planned and executed using the artillery of "special attacks."

2. UK
BBC News (news)

The BBC News application connects you to broadcast-quality BBC news coverage - just like watching the BBC World News channel on your TV. The app also includes one-minute news recaps, text and audio news, local news stories from across the globe and offline viewing.

3. France
Chop Chop Tennis HD (games)

Chop Chop Tennis is a multiplayer action game that features tennis-playing cartoon characters. Players select one of five courts and four difficulty levels. They can either rally against the computer with practice, single, double or tournament games, or can battle against their friends in real time over local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections.

4. Canada
The Globe and Mail for iPad (news)

The Globe and Mail for iPad is the digital version of the Canadian English language newspaper of the same name. The app lets consumers read breaking news, feature articles, and content from the newspaper's web page plus a photo gallery that highlights the day in images.

5. Japan
??????? (lifestyle)

??????? ("Rakuten Ranking" in English) is an application from Japan's largest eBay-like shopping site, "Rakuten Ichiba." Each day, the app provides shoppers with selection of staff-chosen and top-rated products from the website. Users can browse through the large range of products in different categories and star or tweet about the items they are interested in.

6. Australia
Chop Chop Tennis HD (games)

See ‘Chop Chop Tennis HD'

7. Germany
Radio.de for iPad (music)

Radio.de for iPad turns your device into a portable radio. Users can use the app to listen to more than 4,000 different German and international radio stations, podcasts and internet radio stations. Additional features include hand-picked station recommendations based on your music and topic preferences, support for streaming over 3G, EDGE and WLAN connections, plus regular editorial articles and top 100 radio station lists.

8. China
W.TV HD (entertainment)

W.TV HD is a media app that provides users with access to live broadcasts from Chinese radio and TV stations. Users can also access VOD TV programs from many provincial Chinese TV stations, plus local and international movies, TV series and news.

9. Italy
Adnkronos News (news)

Adnkronos is a news application that provides readers with a "snapshot of the world." Adnkronos presents readers with the latest information and breaking news stories sourced from the Italian press agency of the same name.

10. Korea
Flipboard (news)

Flipboard is the world's first "social magazine." The app aggregates and presents users' Twitter, Facebook, and news feeds in a digital magazine-style layout. Flipboard loads images and text associated with any links contained within the social networks or feeds, and seamlessly presents them on a beautifully designed magazine page.

(*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iOS devices have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's April 2010 estimate of the worldwide iOS User Distribution.)