Weekly international iPad apps: iBooks, Solitaire City Classic, The Betty Crocker Cookbook for iPad

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The top free iPad application by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on June 7.

1. US
The Betty Crocker Cookbook for iPad (lifestyle)

The Betty Crocker Cookbook for iPad is a digital recipe book for people that love to cook. The application makes cooking easy by breaking down recipes into easy-to-follow steps. The step-by-step "cook" mode integrates individual timers to make sure your recipe turns out exactly as planned. The application is well organized (with built in recipe categories, recipe searches and ingredient searches), comes with lots of pictures and provides recipe nutritional information.

2. UK
iBooks (iBooks)

iBooks is Apple's proprietary e-reading application. Consumers can use the application to browse through the already large section of e-books available for purchase and download on the iPad. iBooks is also a virtual bookshelf for all your e-book purchases and an e-book reader. Consumer's books are displayed on the virtual bookshelf and can be rearranged according to title, author, category or your own personal reading habits. Users can adjust the screen brightness and font size or can trigger the text-to-voice feature to make reading easier on the eyes.

3. France
NRJ iPad (music)

The NRJ iPad application is an on-the-go radio and TV streaming application produced by French radio station NRJ. The application is compatible with both 3G and WiFi internet connections, and lets users stream their favorite programs in real-time. Users can listen to NRJ's 15 web radio stations (including "Hits", "New Releases", "NRJ iTunes", "Disney Channel", "Girl", "Sunshine", "Clubbing", "Lounge" and "French"), watch music TV clips, and can also stream many of the videos, movies, games and TV series shown on NRJ's TV channels.

4. Canada
iBooks (books)

See "iBooks".

5. Japan

Yahoo!????("Yahoo! Comic" in English) is a digital comic book reader created by Yahoo! Japan. The application provides a selection of free and paid comic books, Anime and magazines (in Japanese) that can be read within the application. Yahoo! plans on increasing the number of comic books available to readers in the near future.

6. Australia
Pocket Pond HD (entertainment)

Pocket Pond HD is a virtual pond complete with fish, water and lily pads. Users can sit back and let the relaxing sounds of the pond calm them. Consumers can also take a more hands-on approach by creating ripples in the water with their finger, double tapping on the fish to feed them or create havoc in the pond by scaring the fish away with the swipe of a finger, killing the dragonflies or upending the lily pads.

7. Germany
Solitaire City Classic (games)

Solitaire City Classic is a collection of one-player card games for the iPad and iPod touch. The app contains six different versions of solitaire plus options for one or three card dealing, Vegas scoring, and timed game scoring. Users can customize the application by choosing one of several different card and background designs or create their own using images from the iPad photo library.

8. China
iBooks (books)

See "iBooks".

9. Italy
Solitaire City Classic (games)

See "Solitaire City Classic".

10. Korea
?? ???(utilities)

?? ???("Hangul keyboard" in English) is a Korrean-to-English keyboard. Consumers can use the keyboard to type in both English and Korean characters, copy them to the clipboard and paste them into other applications (such as the web browser or Pages). According to the developer, Apple does not yet have native support for Korean text input on the iPad.

(*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iPhone OS devices have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's April 2010 estimate of the worldwide iPhone OS User Distribution.)