Weekly international iPad apps: iSlash, Holes and Balls

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The top free iPhone applications by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on February 28.

1. UK
Holes and Balls (games)
This challenging game involves throwing a ball into a hole - and this seemingly simple task is complicated by a variety of obstacles which players can bounce the ball off.

2. USA
iSlash (games)
A puzzle game where users must 'slash' through objects using their finger while avoiding flying ninja stars and ghosts. This free game includes 100 frequently updated levels and was recently featured as one of the 'free apps for a day' on iTunes.

3. France
Icon Skins FREE - Home Screen Backgrounds (lifestyle)
Users of this application can customize the background of their iPhone by choosing from numerous images and effects including a bookcase and flames. The application does not work on iPhone 2G or 3G and requires iOS 4 software or higher.

4. Canada
iSlash (games)
See 'iSlash'.

5. Japan
????? (games)
Players of this app, pronounced 'Yata Yata' which roughly translates into English as 'well done' or 'congratulations', have to tap the screen in time with a variety of rhythms.

6. Australia
iSlash (games)
See 'iSlash' games.

7. Germany
iSlash (games)
See 'iSlash'.

8. China
iSlash (games)

See 'iSlash'.

9.  Italy
iSlash (games)
See 'iSlash'.

10. Korea
? ?? ? - ?????? (lifestyle)
? ?? ? - ?????? roughly translates in English as 'Dressing Well - Free fashion Sense'. The app provides style guidance for both men and women and links to a forum where users can ask fashion-related questions or offer advice.