Weekly international iPhone apps: Photoshop, Stupidmeter, Marine Sharpshooter

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This week "STUPIDMETER, test your intelligence" - an application that tests how smart you are - is topping the iPhone application download charts in many countries across the world. The iPhone version of Adobe Photoshop has also proved to be very popular in the two countries (American and Canada) in which it has been released.

The top free application by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on October 12:

1. US
Photoshop.com Mobile (photography)

American multimedia software developer, Adobe, has at long last released a free version of their widely-used photo editing program, Photoshop, for the iPhone. Those who are familiar with the in-depth editing tools on the computer-based version may download this application with high expectations and find the iPhone version to be limited. But, after all, it is a free download and has been designed to offer mainstream users with easy-to-use, on-the-go photo editing tools. Photoshop.com Mobile enables users to crop, rotate, flip or add special effect filters to their images using gesture-based editing. Photo saturation, tint, exposure, and vibrancy can also be enhanced before photos are uploaded to the included 2GB of free online photo storage available at photoshop.com (sign-up required). The application is only available in the US and Canada App Stores.

2. Germany
Der DUMMHEITSMESSER, das Messgerät für die Intelligenz (entertainment)
Der DUMMHEITSMESSER, das Messgerät für die Intelligenz (translated to Stupidmeter, test your intelligence in English) is an application that "calculates" your intelligence. Players are asked to answer questions to determine how intelligent they are. The quiz is based on IQ test-style questions and asks players to think logically and rationally in order to determine the right answer.

3. France
DEBILMETER, le test d'intelligence (entertainment)

See Der DUMMHEITSMESSER, das Messgerät für die Intelligenz above.

4. UK
Marine Sharpshooter (games)

Marine Sharpshooter is a first-person shooting game based on the popular PC game published by Groove Games. Players aim and shoot at their opponents through more than 12 combat environments on five different missions. Game play is divided between story-based sniper missions and an arcade mode. Players can either use the accelerometer to focus in on their enemies or use a swiping motion on their screen to scroll across the landscape in search of foe before tapping the on-screen trigger to fire.

5. Canada
Photoshop.com Mobile (photography)

See Photoshop.com Mobile above.

6. Australia
Snake & Ladder (games)

Snake & Ladder is the iPhone version of the classic board game Snakes and Ladders. Players try and beat the computer by climbing up the ladders and avoiding falling down the snakes. A double tap on the screen will get the dice rolling - the higher you roll, the further you move on the board. Game play is tedious - the dice rolls for much longer than necessary and the only interaction takes place when the player taps the screen to roll the dice on their turn.

7. Japan
????SELECT100 (books) 

"Masterpieces of trivia SELECT100" ("????SELECT100" in Japanese) is an application that provides readers with a selection of 100 articles taken from the paid Japanese trivia applications "Masterpieces of trivia" and "Masterpieces of trivia 2". Users can improve their general knowledge by reading individual articles or can search for trivia on a particular topic using the keyword or category search features.

8. Italy
TONTOMETRO, il misuratore d'intelligenza (entertainment)

See Der DUMMHEITSMESSER, das Messgerät für die Intelligenz above.

9. Switzerland
STUPIDMETER, test your intelligence (entertainment)

See Der DUMMHEITSMESSER, das Messgerät für die Intelligenz above.

10. Russia
Marine Sharpshooter (games)

See Marine Sharpshooter above.

*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iPhones have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's June estimate of the number of iPhones sold per country since being launched.