The top free iPhone application by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on July 26. 

1. US
Type n Talk (entertainment)

Type n Talk is an application that converts written text into speech. Users type in the text they want to hear and press the “Talk” button to hear it read in a robotic voice.

2. UK
BBC News (news)

The BBC News application connects you to broadcast-quality BBC news coverage - just like watching the BBC World News channel on your TV. The app also includes one-minute news recaps, text and audio news, local news stories from across the globe and offline viewing.

3. France
Tom le chat qui parle (entertainment)

Tom le chat qui parle or “Talking Tom Cat” in English is a virtual cat that lives on your iPhone. If you speak to him he will repeat your words in a funny voice. You can cuddle him, stroke him, tickle him, give him milk or pull on his tail to get a reaction from him.

4. Canada
iQuarters (games)

iQuarters is a version of the classic coin-tossing pub game “Quarters.” Players “flick” their finger on the screen to send the virtual coin in the air and (hopefully) into a glass. As the game progresses, the glass moves and it becomes increasingly difficult to make the shot.

5. Japan
???????? (entertainment)

????????, or “Mikanseijin bako” in English, is a game where players try to pack boxes full of oranges. Players race against a conveyor belt, placing the good oranges in a box and flicking the bad ones off to the side. With help from people around the world, players stack the filled orange boxes on top of each other to make a tower big enough to take the Mikan-Seinjins back to the “Mikan Planet.”

6. Australia
Prison Escape (games)

Prison Escape is a one-level game where players try to use the objects around them to escape from prison. Using a catapult and some expert timing, players attempt to launch themselves onto a passing truck to escape.

7. Germany
Castle Smasher (games)

Castle Smasher is a catapult game where players fling boulders into neighboring territories to destroy their castle and conquer the kingdom. Users can pick from three different game modes: challenges, arcade, or target practice.

8. China
?????? (health & fitness)

??????, or “Physiological rhythms” in English, is an application that helps you track your physical, emotional and intellectual cyclical changes. After entering in your birth date, the app will show you your (or your friends') emotional, mental, and physical states during the day or month.

9. Italy
La Pietra Rotolante (games)

La Pietra Rotolante (“The Rolling Stone” in English) is a simple game where players attempt to control a rolling stone wheel through 15 levels of hills, jumps and obstacles. Players guide the stone using either accelerometer or touch controls.

10. Korea
Angry Honey (??? ??)

Angry Honey (??? ??) is a game of rhythm where players “smash things over and over again” to lower their stress levels. Your angry wife throws things at you, the unlucky husband, and you have to smash any object that comes your way to stay in the game.

(*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iOS devices have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's April 2010 estimate of the worldwide iOS User Distribution.)