The top free application by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on April 26:

1. US
Spill Da' Milk (games)

Spill Da' Milk takes players on a trip to the amusement fair as they try and knock down bottles of milk with a ball. The aim of the game is to knock down the whole stack of bottles with one throw and to collect as many prizes as you can. There are two game modes. During "Quick Play" mode players throw an unlimited supply of balls at the stacks of bottles to try and get the highest knocked over bottle count before their time runs out. In the "Progressive Play" mode bottles are stacked six high and "special bonus bottles" earn you extra points.

2. UK
Steve Davis Pool Star Lite (games)

Steve Davis Pool Star Lite is a 3D virtual pool game. The app offers multiple user-controlled camera views of the pool table and surrounding environment in 3D, and enhanced touchscreen controls to provide "realistic in game physics." Players can compete against the computer in this US 8 ball match.

3. France
The Simpsons Arcade FREE (games)

The Simpsons Arcade FREE is a one-level teaser for the full platform game made by Electronic Arts Inc. Homer chases after a stolen donut in this animated punch'em-up arcade game. Players use the on-screen buttons to make Homer hit, kick, punch, belly-flop-on, butt-slam and throw objects while trying to kill (or avoid) the nasty donut-stealing enemies. The game also includes sound effects, music and original voices from the hit animated TV series.

4. Canada
Glow Draw! (entertainment)

This simple drawing application lets users' doodles shine. Drawing creators use the brightly-colored palette of glowing colors to create drawings that appear to emit light. A menu at the bottom of the screen lets users change the color and size of the "pen" or background. To erase the drawing, users shake their iPhone. Users can import and use their own photos as the background image. The export feature lets you save your drawings into your library or email them to your friends.

5. Germany
Pocket WM 2010 (sport)

Pocket WM 2010 is a portable guide to all things World Cup 2010. The free application provides live updates on all the games, goals and news in German related to one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Users can stay up to date with breaking news about the tournament plus see all the most important facts about the teams, stadiums and venues.

6. Australia
Tap Store by Streetview (games)

Tap Store by Steetview puts you in the role of a clothing store manager. Players manage their own clothes boutique, running everyday functions from purchasing stock to window decoration. They can place orders for clothes from their suppliers; buy new storage, display and decoration solutions for their store; view their competitors' shops to see how they can improve; and watch their customers come rolling in. There are options to buy more land or to gain "inspiration" through in-store purchases (which are not cheap). Players have to be patient if they want to see the money rolling in as the store works in "real" time.

7. Japan
????? (reference)

????? ("Funeral Tips" in English) is a helpful guide that shows you how to pass on condolences respectfully and appropriately when someone passes away. The application provides helpful information (and images) about the ways in which you should offer your condolences depending on your relationship with the deceased. There are helpful tips for passing on your regards to relatives and mourners, suggestions about how to deal with a death in the workplace, and ideas about how you can best support your grieving friends.

8. Italy
Robot Rampage (games)

Robot Rampage players get destructive in this linear game of see and destroy. Players take on the role of robot destroyer, bringing destruction to the buildings, people and objects around them. Battling out against the military troops, tanks and aircraft, players try and explode everything in their sight with their newfound destructive powers. Points are earned by punching, stomping and shooting things with laser eyes as you try and obliterate as many building blocks as possible.

9. China
Shark Bite (games)

Put your finger into the mouth of a shark and hope you don't get it chomped off in this virtual Shark Bite dentist game for two or more. Players take turns to touch one of the shark's teeth, hoping not to put their fingers on the shark's sore tooth. The game continues until someone touches a sore tooth in the shark's mouth and is bitten. Developers suggest the game can be used to help you and your friends decide who has to pay for lunch or to help you make other difficult decisions.

10. Netherlands
WK-2010 (reference)

In preparation for the World Cup in South Africa, people in the Netherlands are downloading WK-2010 to help them stay informed. The app provides an overview of the matches, fixes and results of World Cup football games. The app also has basic information about some of the stadiums. Some of the future improvements the application developer has promised to provide include a game schedule for each country, final selections, and various player and team statistics.

(*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iPhones and iPod Touches have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's November 2009 estimate of the worldwide iPhone and iPod touch User Distribution.)