The top free iPhone application by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on July 13.

1. US
Zombie Duck Hunt (games)

Zombie Duck Hunt on the iPhone is a classic duck hunting point-and-shoot game with a zombie theme. The aim of the game is to shoot and kill as many ‘undead' ducks, geese and quail as possible.

2. UK
The Stupid Test 5 (entertainment)

The Stupid Test 5 is a brain teaser that measures people's intelligence, or lack of it. The app features more than 200 (often nonsensical) questions in three different categories.

3. France
Tom le chat qui parle - Talking Tom Cat (entertainment)

Talking Tom Cat is a virtual cat that lives on your iPhone. If you speak to him he will repeat your words in a funny voice. You can cuddle him, stroke him, tickle him, give him milk or pull on his tail to get a reaction from him.

4. Canada
Zombie Duck Hunt (games)

See ‘Zombie Duck Hunt'

5. Japan

("MSN Sankei News" in English) is a news aggregation application. The app sources Japanese news articles across various topics and presents the reader with a selection of the "most viewed" articles, news "headlines," and news photos.

6. Australia
Build-a-lot (games)

Build-a-lot is a Sim City-like game where players build, buy and sell houses on the real estate market. Players earn money by successfully managing their portfolio of residential and commercial properties

7. Germany
Sprechender Kater Tom - Talking Tom Cat (entertainment)

See ‘Tom le chat qui parle - Talking Tom Cat'

8. China

??????????????????("Ming Dynasty the complete works (Free)" in English) is a seven-part e-book in Chinese about the history of China during the Ming Dynasty.

9. Italy
Elite Walls PRO (entertainment)

Elite Walls PRO is a wallpaper app designed for use on the iPhone 4. The 350 included images are specially calibrated to make use of the device's Retina Display. Users can save images in the categories of art or photography to their library or use them as the background or home screen image on their device.

10. Korea
???? ????(photography)

???? ????("Gayideukaem girlfriend pictures" in English) is an application that teaches men how to take great pictures of their girlfriend or female friends. The app combines helpful tips (in Korean) with templates that will show you how to position your model in a way that flatters her body.

(*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iOS devices have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's April 2010 estimate of the worldwide iOS User Distribution.)