Weekly iPhone apps selection: games with cute birds

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This week's selection of cute bird games will have your fingers clawing at the screen. Five games to make you twitter with excitement.

Tiny Wings
This cute little bird has great dreams of flying off into the distance, but his little wings are too tiny to carry him up, up and away. Instead, Tiny Wings slides his (or her) way to greatness by launching himself off big hills and propelling himself down big gullies while gobbling up glowing orbs and speed boosters. This beautifully designed game changes every time you play it thanks to "procedural generated graphics."
Price: $0.99

Angry Birds
Hit physics-based demolition game Angry Birds has users sending angry birds crashing into fortresses and smashing pesky green pigs. Each level requires planning, logic, skill and the knowledge of each bird's unique powers to succeed.
Price: $0.99

Egg vs. Chicken
Egg vs. Chicken is a new addition in the app store and is fast becoming a favorite with gaming fans. This addictive game cracks open the time-old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? Players match three or more eggs of the same color before launching them at the oncoming wave of angry chickens in this action puzzle game.
Price: $0.99

Bird Strike - Gold Edition
Fling Gerald the bird into the air and see how high he can go. Using the accelerometer, users guide Gerald into the path of rockets while avoiding any balloons or obstacles that get in the way. This fast-paced and addictive arcade game will test your skill and memory.
Price: $0.99

Talking Larry the Bird
Larry the Bird is a talking, whistling bird that will imitate your every word. Play the built-in piano and your bird friend will whistle the tune. If he misbehaves you can send in a bolt of lighting to strike him down, if he is good you can feed him some seeds. Users can record a video of Larry saying silly things, then save it to their library or send it to their friends.  
Price: $0.99