Get loved up for Valentine's Day with these games, wallpapers and holiday-themed activities.

Scene It? Romance
This Valentine-themed quiz app provides hours of entertainment as you test your romance story trivia, play the mini-games or compete against your loved one using the "Lover's Quarrel" multiplayer mode. The game includes 30 different quiz sets with 16 puzzle types plus lots of video clips, images and audio clips.
Price: $1.99

WeeMee Avatar Creator
Create your own Valentine's Day-themed WeeMee avatars with love heart patterned dresses, shirts, suits and Valentine accessories. Then send them to your friends, post them on your social networking sites or add them to your phone contact list.  
Price: $0.99

Valentine's Day 2011: 14 best free apps for your love
Valentine's Day 2011 is a Valentine's Day advent calendar with a twist. During the 14 days leading up to Valentine's Day users will discover a new application after completing simple Valentine's-themed mini-games.
Price: free

Holiday Camera - For St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's day & Christmas
Select a holiday theme and snap your picture to create your own decorated holiday pictures. Choose from more than 15 different Valentine's Day themes, use the digital zoom to position your subject in the center of the frame and save the image to your library.
Price: $0.99

100,00+ Valentine Wallpapers
Get into the spirit of Valentine's Day by decorating your home screen with these romantic Valentine's Day wallpapers. You can zoom in to take a closer look at the images, save the images to your library to set them as your own wallpaper or add them as photos in your contacts list so you feel extra loved when you get a call from that special someone.  
Price: free