The 10 most popular games on videogame guide website GameFAQs on Wednesday March 24 saw Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3 stay top of the pops, seeing off interest regarding PS3 exclusive God of War III.

Final Fantasy XIII, though supposedly not able to reach the heights of critical acclaim enjoyed by previous entries in the series, has now been the subject of the number one collection of game guides, tips, questions and answers for the past three weeks.

God of War III shot to number two, being as it is the last in the current story arc of God of War games, and the first on PlayStation 3, following Greek spartan Kratos as he beats a path of wrath and destruction to Zeus's dwelling place on Mount Olympus.

God of War III is in fact the only new entry in this week's chart, being the biggest release of recent weeks, along with Final Fantasy XIII and the re-jigged Pokémon games.

Guides for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 dropped off the chart, presumably as most players have now got to grips with its single-player campaign of military might and misadventure, and are now sinking themselves into the squad-based online multiplayer following its release at the beginning of March.

01) Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
02) God of War III (PS3)
03) Pokemon HeartGold (DS)
04) Final Fantasy XIII (360)
05) Pokemon SoulSilver (DS)
06) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (360)
07) Dragon Age: Origins (PC)
08) Mass Effect 2 (360)
09) Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
10) Pokemon Platinum (DS)

Source: The GameFAQs Top 100