Weekly top iPad apps: classic games for the digital generation

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This selection of iPad applications takes you back to your childhood days of video game playing.

Prince of Persia Retro
This retro platform gamer has been faithfully reproduced for the iPad. Those of you who remember the original Prince of Persia game will be excited to once again spend hours in front of the screen trying to escape from the dark cavities of the dungeons, controlling the prince's acrobatic fighting moves, on a quest to save the beloved Sultan's daughter.
Price: $0.99

Solitaire City Classic
Solitaire City Classic is a collection of one-player card games for the iPad and iPod touch. The app contains six different versions of solitaire plus options for one or three card dealing, Vegas scoring, and timed game scoring. Users can customize the application by choosing one of several different card and background designs or create their own using images from the iPad photo library.
Price: Free

Pinball HD
The days of saving up quarters so you could run down to your nearest gaming arcade to get your weekly pinball fix might be over, but thanks to Pinball HD you can relive the happy moments in your own lounge room. Pinball HD is a glorious digital rendition of a classic pinball machine. The accurate ball physics, intuitive controls and beautiful graphics make this classic arcade remake a joy to play.
Price: $2.99

TETRIS for iPad
The original Tetris game has been updated for its iPad debut. Players of classic Tetris will immediately notice the brighter graphics, the remixing of the background theme music, and the added "Magic Mode." Fans of the original Tetris may find the iPad version's ‘tap-to-rotate' controls difficult to adapt to.
Price: $6.99

PAC-MAN for iPad
PAC-MAN, one of the most famous arcade games has also been ported to the iOS platform. PAC-MAN for iPad remains true to the original in many ways. Players navigate through the one maze eating dots and staying out of the way of the nasty ghosts. PAC-MAN is controlled by an onscreen joystick (which can be a little frustrating to maneuver at times) or with the swipe of a finger. Players try to gobble up all the dots to move on to the next level.
Price: $4.99

The traditional family letter game, Scrabble, has been revamped for its iPad release. Scrabble for iPad lets you compete against the computer, battle against other players across the world in an online game or invite your friends over and have a real digital game of Scrabble with up to four players. Players can download the free Scrabble Tile Rack Application to keep their tiles hidden from the other players when in Party Play mode.
Price: $9.99

BlocksClassic is a remake of the classic brick breaking game Breakout that could be found on almost every computer during the 1980s. BlocksClassic infuses gameplay with 3D graphics, colorful bricks and added features.
Price: $0.99