This week's selection of applications is made for iPad users who love creating and listening to electronic music.

BIT.TRIP BEAT HD fuses a fun Pong-like arcade game and retro graphics with interactive music game play. Players use the accelerometer or touch controls to move the paddle across the screen and into the path of the oncoming "beats" to create their own mix of electronic sounds.  
Price: $2.99

Reactable mobile
Based on the interactive live music creation device used by Bjork, Reactable mobile puts the concepts of modular synthesis, sampling, DJing and audio effects into the fingertips of budding iPad musicians. Users add and move "generator objects" (loop players, synthesizers or audio inputs) around the screen to create and modify sounds.
Price: $9.99

TouchAble is a companion app to music creation and performance desktop program Ableton Live version 8. It lets users control their live sets with their fingertips rather than from behind a computer screen. Along with onscreen access to Ableton's Live mixer, instruments and fx, users can also play their favorite synths or drums on the fly using the app's integrated double keyboard or 16 drum pads.  
Price: $16.99

SoundHound is a music search application that helps users identify the music they are listening to. Users simply put their iPad in close proximity to the music (coming from a speaker or being sung) and press "What's That Song?" Within a few seconds SoundHound searches the internet for the name of the track, provides information about the artist, suggests other music by the same artist, and provides a link to purchase the music in iTunes.
Price: $4.99


Korg's iElectribe transforms the company's much-loved vintage analog synthesizer into a virtual music-making machine. Users can create a wide range of sounds and beats in minutes with the easy-to-use app. New features enable users to export rhythm patterns as CD-quality audio files and to record real-time full-length performances.
Price: $19.99

Bloom HD
Created by renowned experimental composer Brian Eno and software designer Peter Chilvers, this abstract music-making and art-generating iPad application is a soothing music creation program that is perfect for producing minimal compositions. Music is created by touching the screen with one or multiple fingers. The program then loops and augments the sounds into musical patterns. When left untouched, the application generates its own sounds.
Price: $3.99