This week's apps will take you on a visually rich and informative exploration of science.

The Elements: A Visual Exploration
The Elements: A Visual Exploration transforms the often dull periodic table into a visual feast of elements. The "living" periodic table displays rotating samples of each element. Click through to their individual descriptions and you are presented with detailed information, fun facts, and stereoscopic images that can be viewed when wearing 3D glasses.
Price: $13.99s

Wolfram Research's WolframAlpha - a different type of search engine that uses context and probability to compute a solution to your search query instead of providing you with a list of possible internet locations where you go to find the information - has been ported to the iPad for on-the-go computation.
Price: $1.99

Popular Science+
The magazine that has been keeping science fanatics up to date with the future for 135 years has now evolved into its digital form. Users can purchase issues from within the application. The full-page images, informative text and interactive content provide readers with an immersing science-magazine reading experience.
Price: $4.99

Nature Human Genome Special Edition
Nature Human Genome Special Edition is a free e-book that discusses the draft human genome sequence and the insights and questions it has evoked surrounding human biology, medicine and evolution. The app includes video commentary, an interactive timeline graph of human genome research and audio clips from authors discussing their papers.
Price: free

MythBusters iPad Edition
Want large doses of fun and entertainment with your science? TV's most popular mad scientists have gathered more than 300 minutes of video content from the MythBusters TV series and laced it together with sneak peaks, news, a healthy serving of explosions, games and social networking.
Price: $4.99

Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science and Space Exploration HD
The Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science and Space Exploration HD app was put together by space pioneer Buzz Aldrin himself and takes consumers on an educational tour of science-fueled space travel. The comprehensive guide gives users access to up-to-date news, live NASA Streaming TV, information and ‘space buzz' aggregated from top science and space travel journals; hundreds of videos and photos; full coverage of the Apollo Program; in depth information about hundreds of other space missions and programs; and access to Aldrin's personal blogs and Twitter feeds.
Price: $3.99