This week's apps have two things in common: fantastic graphics and the ability to play against your friends.

N.O.V.A - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD
N.O.V.A is a first person shooter set in a graphically-rich futuristic 3D world. Up to four players can battle for supremacy in the "Deathmatch" multiplayer mode.
Price: $0.99

Real Racing HD
Real Racing HD is a fast-paced racing application with high resolution graphics and detailed car models. Users can select from a range of different control options - from accelerometer steering with computer-assisted acceleration and braking to "touch-to-steer" controls with manual acceleration and braking. Depending on the choice of game mode, players can race against opponents with the local multiplayer mode or try to beat the clock.
Price: $9.99

Everest: Hidden Expedition HD
Everest: Hidden Expedition HD is a multiplayer hidden object game. Players search spectacular landscapes and scenery to find obscure objects tucked away in the most unlikely places. Players test their spotting skills against other online teams to find what's lost and win the race.
Price: $6.99

Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front HD
Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front HD is a fast-paced action iPhone game that drops the player in the middle of a war field, ready to battle. Players use the on-screen controls to run, shoot and search through the stunning 3D landscape whilst battling up to five players in the multiplayer modes.
Price: $4.99

Modern Combat : Sandstorm
Modern Combat : Sandstorm is a action-thriller war game that lands players in the heart of the combat zone. The first person shooter enables players to war against their friends over local WiFi and Bluetooth connections or head online to compete in a Deathmatch against up to four players.
Price : $4.99