Weekly top iPad apps: Note-taking and typography on the go

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This week's selection will help you use your iPad to gather your thoughts, curate your ideas, and customize your notes on the go.

TypeDrawing for iPad
TypeDrawing is an application that lets you create beautiful drawings with text. Users type in the words they want to use, choose a font type (or select random), font color, and background color and then drag their finger across the screen to draw. The faster you move your finger across the screen, the bigger the text appears.
Price: $2.99

Popplet is a digital mind-mapping and visual presentation tool that helps you curate your thoughts in an easy-to-understand ideas board. You can use the app to visualize inspirational ideas, create photo albums or presentations, record your thoughts, brainstorm, plan projects, collaborate with colleagues or create diagrams.
Price: $4.99

HelvetiNote makes taking notes on the iPad simple and effective. Notes are created using the Helvetica font and additional features enable you to supplement your notes with hand-drawn visuals within the app. The application seamlessly integrates with email so you can transfer notes (and visuals) to your desktop as needed.
Price: $2.99

TapTyping - typing trainer
TapTyping - typing trainer will have your fingers leaping across the keyboard (or in this case, the screen) faster than ever before. The app features typing lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skill levels and has a helpful lesson that will teach you how to use the shortcuts featured on the iPad's virtual keyboard. The app is compatible with external and Bluetooth keyboards too.
Price: $3.99

Chronicle for iPad - A personal journal
Chronicle for iPad is a paperless journal that lets you document your experiences and feelings with text and images. Users can use the application to jot down their ideas or to create a chapter-based diary. There is a built-in search, customizable text and backgrounds, optional password protection, and email exporting.
Price: $1.99