Sit back, relax and turn off your TV. These iPad apps will provide you with a constant feed of global, local and breaking news stories in video format.

France 24
France 24 delivers the news to consumers in three different languages, French, English or Arabic. Users can connect to live or pre-recorded news streams (updated every 30 minutes) or download the news videos for viewing when they are out of range of a WiFi signal. The news channel's complete program is available on demand. Using the iPad's built-in GPS, you can automatically find out what's happening in your area or stay tuned to the world news in categories like business, culture, sports and weather, environment, fashion and health.
Price: Free

Yahoo! Entertainment
The Yahoo! app is an interactive application that aggregates content from news and entertainment sites across the web. It comes with an integrated TV program guide so you can plan your long evenings at home in front of your iPad-cum-TV and provides the ability to customize content according to your locality. With the app you can watch videos specifically formatted for viewing on the iPad, with sports, news, finance, business, entertainment and weather channels available for your perusal. Yahoo!'s Tech Ticker series has been specially created by Yahoo! for the application. There is a selection of text-based news and photo galleries that will keep you up to date with breaking news and global trends.
Price: Free

BBC News
The BBC News application connects you to broadcast quality BBC news coverage - just like watching the BBC World News channel on your TV. Users can take the mobile TV station and newspaper with them wherever they travel in the world and have access to video feeds and one-minute news recaps that are updated 24 hours a day. Consumers can view news stories in their local region or search for news in topics like business, technology, entertainment and sport. Some news articles are also provided in Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic for non-English speakers. Content can be downloaded for offline viewing. Text-based and live audio news is also available within the app.
Price: Free

ABC Player
American TV network ABC has developed its own iPad application. Consumers can watch news broadcasts as well as full episodes of popular TV shows like Desperate Housewives, Lost, Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs streamed live to their device. The application and TV shows are free to watch, but like most shows on TV are supplemented with (non-intrusive) 30 second ad breaks. There is a built-in TV guide that will keep you informed about upcoming episodes. The application tracks your viewing history so if you need to pause halfway through a show you can pick up from where you left off. The app has already been downloaded over 205,000 times since it was launched. Consumers have streamed more than 650,000 TV episodes with the app in that time.
Price: Free

The Weather Channel Max for iPad
The Weather Channel app is a fully interactive weather application and weather news station for the iPad. It combines full screen, customizable weather maps with videos of storm footage from across the globe and video feeds from local traffic cameras (available in selected cities). There are also in-motion radar charts for past and future weather patterns; local, regional and national weather forecasts, and real time Twitter feeds about the weather for breaking weather news information. It's like having your own personal weather channel.
Price: Free

While not traditionally a news broadcaster, Netflix enables consumers to stream TV episodes and movies directly to their device. Subscriptions start from $8.99 per month. The application turns your iPad into an on-demand video and TV series player, putting the entertainment into your hands.
Price: Free

Additional iPad apps that provide video streams of the news include:

AP News

Reuters News Pro for iPad

The Wall Street Journal

NBA Game Time Courtside