Weekly top iPhone apps: Social gaming with the new Game Center

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This week's selection of apps harnesses the social gaming power of Apple's new Game Center so you can compete against friends and foes, unlock new achievements and compare your scores with people across the globe.

FarmVille by Zynga
Facebook gamers will already be familiar with FarmVille, a social game that has quickly become the most popular game on the web. The FarmVille iPhone app enables players to connect to their existing web-based farms or create a new farm in which they can plant crops, rear livestock and help neighboring farmers earn more points.
Price: Free

Isaac Newton's Gravity
Isaac Newton's Gravity is a physics puzzler. Players arrange objects such as ramps and jumps in order to send a spherical object flying into the next-level trigger. Players can build their own levels and challenge their friends to complete them using the Game Center.
Price: $2.99

WordsWorth is a word game that draws elements from games like Scrabble, Boggle and Bejeweled. Players link adjacent letters to form words, earning points for word length and the inclusion of "rare letters." Players can be matched with similar-level opponents through the Game Center and can unlock 20 unique achievements.   
Price: $1.99

Real Racing
Real Racing is one of the most awarded iPhone racing games, and it's not surprising why with its slick graphics and exciting gameplay. Players can choose from 48 different cars, 12 different tracks and five game modes. The game supports up to six players in the multiplayer WiFi mode and lets you play your own music in the background.
Price: $4.99

Flight Control
Flight Control turns players into flight traffic controllers. Players are put in charge of busy airports across the globe and have to use their fingers to direct planes on and off 5 runways. New Game Center integration lets you compete against friends via WiFi or Bluetooth and earn achievements for completing challenges.
Price: $0.99