Long awaited driving game Gran Turismo 5 finally arrives on PlayStation 3, while Nintendo Wii owners can choose between new titles featuring Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse, and the Raving Rabbids. On both PS3 and Xbox 360 there's a totally new franchise waiting to sprout in the action-adventure of Majin & The Forgotten Kingdom, and a disc full of extra Red Dead Redemption missions.

Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time (Wii)
North America, November 21. Europe, November 25.
Everyone / 7+

A party game best enjoyed in the company of others, wrapped up in slapstick comedy featuring the cute, vicious and insane rabbit-like Rabbids. Visits to the times of cavemen, sphinxes, and King Arthur are all included in the time-traveling trip.
Price: $49 / €39 / £29

Michael Jackson: The Experience (DS PSP Wii)
North America, November 23. Europe, November 26.
Xbox 360 Kinect and PlayStation 3 Move, 2011.
Rated Everyone 10+ / 12+ / General

Just Dance made over for the MJ-loving masses, this has would-be moonwalkers copying moves to the King of Pop's best known tunes. Over twenty-five songs include "Bad," "Beat It," "Billie Jean," "Earth Song," "Smooth Criminal," and "Thriller."
Price: €45 / $49 US (Wii); €39 / $29 US (DS, PSP)
Collector's Edition with book and t-shirt (Wii): €49
Game plus sequined white glove (Wii): €45 / $49 US via Ubisoft.com

Gran Turismo 5 (PlayStation 3)
North America, November 24. Europe, November 24-26. Japan, November 25.
Rated Everyone (US) / 3+ (EU) / A (JP) / General (AUS)

One of the PlayStation 3's most highly anticipated titles of the past four years. Five years in the making, it features both day and night racing, variable weather conditions, more than 1,000 cars and 70 track layouts, and online competition.
Price: $59 US / €65 / ¥8,780 / $119 AUS / £49.99
Collector's Edition: $99 US / €79 / ¥9,300 / $129 AUS / £59.99
Signature Edition: €179 / $299 AUS / £149.99

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom (360 PS3)
North America, November 23. Australia, November 25. Europe, November 26.
Japan, January 2011.

Bearing comparison to Prince of Persia, Enslaved, and 2011's The Last Guardian - or at least, that's what Namco Bandai hope - Majin tells the story of a mythical beast set free by a young thief. By solving puzzles and defeating enemies together they can restore Majin's land.
Price: $59 US / €59 / $99 AUS / £44.99

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Collection (360 PS3)
North America, November 23. Europe, Australia and the UK, November 26.
Rated Mature / 18+ / MA 15+

Red Dead Redemption's zombietastic Undead Nightmare, first released as a download in late October, is here accompanied by the Legends & Killers and Liars & Cheats multiplayer packs, buffing online posse possibilities, and the co-operative missions of Outlaws To The End.
Price: $29 US / €29 / $49 AUS / £25

Epic Mickey (Wii)
Europe and Australia, November 25. North America, November 30.
Rated 7+ / Parental Guidance / Everyone

Armed with paint and paint thinner, players choose whether Disney's Mickey Mouse becomes a selfish or selfless hero, befriending or blotting out inhabitants of the Cartoon Wasteland. Each area is based on a Disney theme park or movie, and cut-scenes are faithful to the classic animated style.
Price: €49 / $49 US / $79 AUS
Collector's Edition: $69 US

And more...
Also out in the same week: Football Manager 2011 on PSP, and European versions of North America's Def Jam Rapstar (360 PS3) and the EVE Online: Commissioned Officer edition (PC).

The week after, there's dirt racer Nail'd (360 PC PS3), role playing adventure Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS), the European version of The Sly Collection (PS3), and European exclusive U-Sing 2 (Wii).