Weekly video game releases: 'Marvel vs Capcom 3,' 'Tactics Ogre,' 'de Blob 2'

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Positioned to become a giant in its genre, Marvel vs Capcom 3 pits cartoon and game characters against each other. Joining it in the week's releases are the PSP's top-notch Tactics Ogre revision, a box copy of Magicka, and then de Blob 2, Bulletstorm, and the 3D, Move-enabled Killzone 3.

Magicka retail version (PC)
North America, Teen, and Europe, 12+, February 15.

Magicka's multiplayer mayhem makes its way to retail as a boxed product a month after its debut as a (cheaper) digital download. Already a hit thanks to clever twists on classic gameplay and a cheeky satire on fantasy adventure tropes.
Price: €17
Website: http://www.magickagame.com

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (360, PS3)
North America, Teen, February 15. Japan, C (15+), February 17. UK, 12+, February 18.

Eleven years after Marvel vs Capcom 2 first hit retail, Fate of Two Worlds mixes series favorites with a selection of new characters in this year's big fighting game release.
Price: $59 / €59 / £49 / Y6,990
Website: http://www.marvelvscapcom3.com

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSP )
North America, Teen, February 15. Europe, 12+, February 25. Japan, B (12+), released 2010.

A remake of strategy role-playing game Tactics Ogre (SNES, Saturn, PS1, Wii Shop Channel) but with modern players in mind: improved graphics and character progression, a new soundtrack and updated storyline. See why Tactics Ogre is, for many, superior even to Final Fantasy Tactics.
Price: $39 / €39 / £35 / Y5,980
Website: http://www.tacticsogregame.com

Two Worlds II (360 Mac PC PS3)
UK, 16+, February 25. North America, Teen and Europe, 16+, already released.

Scuppered by a transport mishap, the UK release of Two Worlds II has been put back to February 25 - though the well-received role-play adventure is already available elsewhere.
Price: $49 / €49 / £29 on PC, $59 / €65 / £39 on PS3 and 360
Website: http://www.twoworlds2.com

Bulletstorm (360 PC PS3)
North America, Mature, February 22. Japan, CERO B (17+), February 24. Europe, 18+, February 24. UK, 18, February 25.

This foul-mouthed and bloodthirsty B-movie epic has been confident enough to mock fellow shooter franchises Halo and Call of Duty in the lead-up to release. Polished graphics, over-the-top production, and high score challenges lie behind the bluster. PS3 and 360 demos are available to download. The PC version supports Nvidia's 3D Vision system.
Prices: $49 / €49 / ¥7,329 / £35 on PC. $59 / €59 / ¥7,665 / £49 on 360 and PS3.
Website: http://www.bulletstorm.com

de Blob 2 (360 DS PS3/Move Wii)
North America, Everyone, February 22. Europe, 3+, February 25.

Sequel to a delightful Wii masterpiece, de Blob 2 marries a colorful paint-as-you-go platformer with cute character design and a layered soundtrack. Like Super Mario Galaxy, it has potential to reach far beyond a family audience.
Prices: $29 / €29 / £29 on DS. $39 / €49 / £29 on Wii. $49 / €59 / £39 on 360 and PS3.
Website: http://www.deblob.com

Killzone 3 (PS3)
North America, February 22. Europe, February 25.

Sony answers the Xbox's Halo franchise with another installment in the Killzone series. More conventional movement, improved close combat and the inclusion of jetpacks are concessions to mass market tastes. Compatible with 3D TVs and PlayStation Move controllers. A demo is available.
Standard price: $59 / €69 / £49
Special editions:$129 / €75, €129 / £49, £139
Website: http://www.killzone.com

For more on video game age ratings, visit ESRB.org (North America), PEGI.info (Europe), Classification.gov.au (Australia) or CERO.gr.jp (Japan).