Weekly video game releases: Nintendo 3DS, 'Shift 2: Unleashed'

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The Nintendo 3DS launches in North America and Europe, Shift 2: Unleashed seeks to revitalize motor racing, and Tiger's back for another round of PGA Tour golf.

Nintendo 3DS
Europe: March 25 €250 / £220 or less.
North America: March 27, $249
Japan: February, ¥25,000
Games: $39 / €45 / £39

Nintendo's 3DS handheld launches in Europe and North America a month after its Japanese debut. There's a wider range of titles rolling out in support, among them The Sims 3, Pilotwings Resort, Super Street Fighter IV, Pro Evolution Soccer, and three flavors of Nintendogs + Cats.
Website: http://www.nintendo.com/3ds

Shift 2: Unleashed (PS3)
North America: March 29, Everyone 10+, $49 - $59
Europe: March 31, 3+, €55 - €69
UK: April 1, 3+, £29 - £49

Looking to take a chunk out of Forza 3 and Gran Turismo 5 before DiRT 3 arrives late May, Shift 2 takes the compulsive friend challenges of sister title Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit into the world of high-performance motorsports.
Website: http://www.shift2unleashed.com

WWE All Stars (360 PS2 PS3 PSP Wii)
North America: March 29, $29 - $59
Europe: April 1, €29 - €65 / £29 - £45

Pro wrestlers past and present populate a thirty-strong roster, with The Rock, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Big Show, Triple H and Andre the Giant among them. All Stars' bright presentation contrasts with EA Sports MMA, UFC Undisputed, and WWE Smackdown vs Raw.
Website: http://www.wweallstars.com

Tales of Monkey Island (PC)
UK: April 8, 12+, £29 (Premium) £49 (Collectors Ed.)
Europe: April 21, €39

Guybrush Threepwood returns in a bid to outwit pirate nemesis LeChuck. Tales' five episodes have been available as digital downloads since 2009 - these special editions present them on disc along with bonus items such as the CE's drinks coaster, map, and "piece of eight" coin.

Dynasty Warriors 7 (360 PS3)
Japan: March 10, B (12+), ?9880
North America: March 29, Teen, $59
Europe: March 31, 16+, $59
UK: April 8, 16+, £49

Over sixty heroes and heroines from Chinese history take to the battlefields, facing down entire armies and wielding 300 weapons between them. DW7 introduces online co-op, and supports PlayStation Move and stereoscopic 3D.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters (360 PS3 Wii)
North America: March 29, E, $49 - $59
Europe: April 1, 3+, €49 - €69
UK: April 1, 3+, £39 - £49
PS3 Collector's Edition (5 extra courses): £49 / $69

Tiger's 15th PGA Tour game for EA and the first to feature Augusta's Masters tournament. The 16 courses include Whistling Straits, Royal Melbourne, Celtic Manor and St Andrews; Bubba Watson, Rhys Davis and the Molinaris are new to the 20+ roster of golfing pros. The PS3 version is Move compatible.