Among upcoming video games events, ScrewAttack's annual gaming convention offers a weekend of fun times in Dallas, Texas; Games Convention in Leipzig seems to have successfully reinvented itself as both a trade show and consumer event; Evo 2010 is the top console fighting tournament and also has a 'Bring Your own Controller' area for casual play.

ScrewAttack Gaming Convention
July 2-4
Westin Dallas / Fort Worth Airport, USA

The emphasis here is on fun above all else - how else could there be a Cartridge Dust Blowing Competition, a Name That Video Game Tune contest, and a session entitled YouTube Hell? This year, the SGC also has a live phone Q&A with video game filmmaker Uwe Boll (who once took on his journalist critics in a boxing match), but the big draw is the Iron Man of Gaming. The IMoG separates the wheat from the chaff with a competition that ranges across consoles, games and genres old and new. Registration is $45 online or $50 on the door, $10 extra for the IMoG.

Games Convention Online
July 8-11
Leipzig, Germany

Formerly known as the Leipzig Games Convention but now reinvented to emphasize online and social gaming, including mobile technologies in its broad remit. Given the rise and rise of Facebook and iPhone gaming, that may not have been such a bad idea. The trade fair is July 8-10 with public access July 9-11.

EVO 2010
July 9-11
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

One of the most prestigious gaming tournaments and the world's largest Super Street Fighter IV competition also has battles for the best in Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, Tekken 6, T atsunoko vs Capcom, Melty Blood, and Marvel vs Capcom 2. Vuvuzela trumpets, and anyone found carrying one, will be banned. Registration is $10 per tournament entry, but EVO 2010 is free for spectators and there's a Bring Your Own Controller area for casual play.

Develop Conference
July 13-15
Brighton, UK

Devised for European games developers of all kinds, the Develop conferences have made a name for themselves with a six-track conference program and the Evolve sessions which highlight new technology, marketplaces, and development platforms. High-profile speakers include Tim Schaefer of Double Fine, BioWare's co-founders, George Andreas of Rare, Sheri Graner-Ray of Women in Games, and the BBC's Dr Who adventure game team. Passes range from £250 (€305) for a 2-day students pass to £645 (€785) for 3 days at full rate. The Expo is free July 14-15 and there are some mini-seminars also gratis.

TED Global
July 12-16
Oxford, UK

Among the 60-odd speakers at the fascinating wide-ranging and inspirational TED Global conference are video game writer Tom Chatfield, web humorist Ze Frank, and video game designer Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Game Studios. Though the conference is full, associate membership grants access to a webcast and TED recommends splitting the $500 fee with friends. Videos of talks given are then posted on over the following year.

California Extreme
July 17-20
Santa Clara, California, USA

Over 200 arcade cabinets and close to 100 pinball machines will be set to free play mode for the duration of the exhibition. Rare prototypes will be on display along with classics. Look out for Spy Hunter, Hard Drivin', Targ, Galaga 88, various Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong titles, Punch Out, Stargate and Defender, Robotron, KLAX, and Battlezone among the cabinets. Pinball machines include Steve Ritchie's Black Knight, Indiana Jones, Taxi, and Kingpin. Weekend access is $60, Saturday only $40, Sunday $30. There are also preferential rates available with the hotel venue, and hobbyist exhibitors are given discounts to the exhibition.